Product Summary

Universal Fit, Header-Back Exhaust System Type, Natural

  • Universal kit includes all the necessary 2-1/4" exhaust pipe bends and straights to allow you to run your own custom exhaust systems
  • Includes 4 each: 45-degree bends, 90-degree bends, 180-degree bends, and 46-inch long straight pipe exhaust pieces
  • Mufflers feature a 2-chamber design that improves exhaust scavenging over other muffler designs (includes 2 mufflers)
  • X-Style tubing kit included balances the flow of exhaust gases which leads to increased engine performance
  • X-Style Kit includes 4-way X-style crossover pipe, (4) 45 degree connecting tubes, and (8) exhaust tube clamps

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9108476
BrandSpeedway Motors
Exhaust System TypeHeader-Back
Single or DualDual
Exhaust Tubing Diameter2-1/4 Inch

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Speedway Motors 9108476 Details

  • 2-1/4-inch 16-gauge mild steel tubing with .065-inch wall thickness for easier welding
  • Mandrel bent tubing maintains inside diameter throughout exhaust pipe flow path
  • All tubing can be cut and easily welded at any bend radius due to mandrel bending process
  • Oil coating applied to prevent corrosion after manufacture that delivers clean, ready to weld tubing
  • Once cut and welded it is recommended to use high-heat paint or ceramic coating to protect exhaust
  • Each tubing piece includes an expanded end for easy slip-fit installation
  • Complete universal dual exhaust kit includes 16 pieces of tubing to build a complete custom exhaust system
  • Dual exhaust kit includes 16-gauge welded steel two chamber mufflers in high-temp black coating
  • Kit includes H-pipe balance tube kit with straight and V-bend crossover tubes
  • Clamps, hangers, or finished tailpipe tips are not included but available separately
  • Bent exhaust tubing features a 3-3/8-inch bend radius on all pieces

Design Your Own Exhaust System with Our Complete Header Back Exhaust Kits

Many builders look at the exhaust portion of a project build with skepticism and disdain. It is normally one of those aspects of a project where you know it is going to entail delivering your project vehicle to an exhaust fabricator and having a complete header to tailpipe custom exhaust system built at great expense. It is even more fun when you do not own a truck and trailer to transport said vehicle yourself too! However, we are here to tell you that you can indeed fabricate your own custom exhaust right in your home garage or workshop with ease using one of our complete mild steel dual exhaust pipe kits we offer here at Speedway Motors. All it takes is a welder, something to measure and cut the piping with, and a little bit of exhaust pipe system routing forethought to accomplish.

Heavy Wall 16-Gauge Tubing for Easy Welding and Fabrication

We start by spec’ing .065-inch thick 16-gauge mild steel tubing for our mandrel bent exhaust pipe kits. This steel is easier to weld by far when compared to standard 18-gauge steel normally used for exhaust tubing. The thicker gauge material provides “forgiveness” when welding if your welding machine settings are not spot on, making it easier for novices with basic 110-volt MIG welders to weld up the perfect custom exhaust system. We provide four 46-inch lengths of straight pipe for the main exhaust pipe run along with four lengths of each bend type: 90-degree, 45-degree, and 180-degree U-bends. These bends allow you to fabricate the optimum dual exhaust system routing around crossmembers and over your vehicle’s rear axle simply by measuring, cutting, and welding the bend sections as required.

Welded Two-Chamber Mufflers Included for That Classic Sound

Our mild steel universal dual exhaust pipe kit utilizes 2-1/4-inch exhaust tubing and ships with our matching two-chamber welded steel mufflers. These mufflers feature an offset inlet with center outlet design and have a case dimension of 13-inches long, 9-3/4-inches wide, and 4-inches thick. Including the inlet/outlet bushings these mufflers are 19-inches long. These welded two-chamber performance mufflers provide that great classic deep aggressive exhaust note we all love while minimizing interior drone that can ruin your road trip. The twin baffle design creates a scavenging effect to help pull the exhaust through the muffler, increasing horsepower and torque. Constructed of 16-gauge steel, the case and internal steel baffles are full welded, meaning there is no internal packing material to burn up or blow out, so your exhaust sounds the same on day 1 as it does many years down the road. You can also find exhaust installation accessories including hangers and exhaust tips on our site.

Improve Performance and Sound With an X-Pipe Crossover

The addition of a crossover or balance tube in a dual exhaust system is a great way to improve the system’s efficiency. The crossover pipe balances the left and right bank of your V8 engine’s exhaust pulses, making your car or truck run smoother and provide more power (on average 5-10 hp!) while reducing in-cabin resonance. All in all, adding a X-pipe crossover is a win-win, which is why offer our universal dual exhaust kits with a X-pipe crossover in both 2-1/4-inch and 2-1/2-inch diameter systems. The X-pipe kit included with our exhaust kit features a welded X-pipe crossover insert pipe with expanded ends for an easy slip-on fit, along with four 45-degree transition pipes that create an overall assembly that is 42 inches long and 15-1/4 inches wide. Eight retaining clamps are included for a bolt-in upgrade, or you can fully weld the X-pipe into your custom dual exhaust if you wish.

Extra Exhaust Tubing is Just a Call or Click Away

Sometimes we measure twice, cut once, then cut again, and still come up with the short end of the stick, or in this case, exhaust pipe. Have no fear, Speedway Motors offers individual replacement angle tubing and additional lengths of straight tubing in case you have a project with a long wheelbase like a station wagon, panel van, or other unique scenario. If you know what you need you can order these along with your hot rod DIY exhaust kit, otherwise, know these parts are ready to order to get you fixed back up and your exhaust project finished in no time if you make a mistake with your exhaust fabrication.

45-degree Mild Steel Bend

90-degree Mild Steel Bend

180-degree Mild Steel Bend

46-inch Length Mild Steel Straight

Dual Exhaust H-Pipe Balance Tube


Speedway Motors 9108476 Specifications

MFG. Part #9108476
BrandSpeedway Motors
Exhaust System TypeHeader-Back
Single or DualDual
Exhaust Tubing Diameter2-1/4 Inch
Sound LevelAggressive
Muffler(s) IncludedYes
Muffler Quantity2
Muffler ConnectionsSingle Inlet | Single Outlet
Muffler TypeChambered
Exhaust Tip IncludedNo
Exhaust System MaterialMild Steel
Exhaust System FinishNatural
Exhaust Pipe ColorNatural
Muffler Body ShapeOval
Muffler Inlet Diameter2.25"
Muffler Outlet Diameter2.25"
Muffler Overall Length19"
Muffler Body Length13"
Muffler Body Width9.75"
Muffler Body Height4"
Muffler MaterialSteel
Muffler FinishHigh Temp Coated
Muffler ColorBlack
Mount TypeUniversal
Inlet QuantitySingle
Tailpipe Diameter2.25"
Mandrel BentYes
Wall Thickness.065"
Catalytic Converter(s) IncludedNo
Hardware IncludedYes
Sold in QuantityKit