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Oval Track Cars, Demolition Derby Cars

  • Tire grooving and siper kit is great for grooving, cutting and siping tires of all sizes
  • Heads are made from solid brass for optimal heat transfer
  • Includes the following heads: (1) #3 (5/32"), (1) #4 (7/32"), (1) #5 (9/32"), (1) #6 (3/8"), (1) #8 (1/2"), and (1) 6-blade siper head
  • Includes 12 hardened steel blades for each size grooving iron tool head in the kit with replacement blades available
  • Stainless steel blade retaining hardware holds blade depth measurement setting

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MFG. Part #91602097
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 91602097 Details

  • Fits Speedway Motors and Ideal Heated Knives brand tool heads
  • Blades manufactured from hardened steel for long life
  • Solid brass tool head with steel blade guides
  • Stainless steel blade retaining hardware
  • Includes #3, #4, #5, #6, and #8 heads along with our six-blade tire siper head
  • 12 blades for each head size included with replacement blades available

Tire Grooving and Siping Made Easy with Your Choice of Grooving Head and Blades

A heated tire groover is a great tool to have in a racer’s toolbox. Tire grooving and tire siping can be just the advantage you need for your race car’s tires to help you end up in the winner’s circle after a long night of racing on the dirt. Be sure and have the correct tool head and plenty of blades in your race car’s trailer at the ready trackside for grooving tires and siping tires. Now you can make tire grooving and tire siping quick and easy with our six head tire grooving and siping kit. This kit not only includes our most popular grooving head sizes with 12 cutting blades each, but our 6-blade tire siping head as well. We carry a full line of replacement blades for when you need more. Don’t forget you’ll want to install the head and set the blade to the depth of cut needed before plugging in the groover!

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Tire Siper Tool Head with Multiple Blades
  • (1) Grooving Iron Head Size 3, 3/16"
  • (1) Grooving Iron Head Size 4, 1/4"
  • (1) Grooving Iron Head Size 5, 9/32"
  • (1) Grooving Iron Head Size 6, 3/8"
  • (1) Grooving Iron Head Size 8, 1/2"
  • (12) Tire Grooving Iron Blades Size 3, 3/16"
  • (12) Tire Grooving Iron Blades Size 4, 1/4"
  • (12) Tire Grooving Iron Blades Size 5, 5/16"
  • (12) Tire Grooving Iron Blades Size 6, 3/8"
  • (12) Tire Grooving Iron Blades Size 8, 1/2"

Speedway Motors 91602097 Specifications

MFG. Part #91602097
BrandSpeedway Motors
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #916-02097
Sold in QuantityKit