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Many Engines, Automatic and Manual Transmission Type

  • Shave weight off your car with this super light 7.5 pound starter which is an astounding 12 pounds lighter than a stock starter
  • Billet aluminum mounting block has multiple bolt holes to fit both 153 and 168-tooth ring gears for SBC and BBC engines
  • All steel gear construction handles high compression and big block engines with ease
  • Small size and clockable design allow more room for long tube headers and larger exhaust pipes
  • Mounting bolts, shims, and instructions are included to ensure a quick and easy installation

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91067409
BrandSpeedway Motors
Starter SizeMini
Mount TypeInline

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  • Weighs only 7.5 pounds (12 pounds lighter than a stock starter)
  • Allows more room for long tube headers and larger exhaust pipes
  • Mounting bolts and adjustment shims included
  • Works with both 153- and 168-tooth ring gears
  • Compatible with manual or automatic transmissions
  • All steel gear construction handles high compression and big block engines
  • Clockable design to provide maximum clearance
  • Gear reduction design reduces current draw demands on electrical system
  • Fits SBC and BBC engines (full application guide below)

A Mini Starter with Maximum Punch

Your starter has the thankless job of turning over your engine no matter the circumstances. Whether it is hot or cold out, or your engine has lots of cubic inches or high compression, the starter in your muscle car or street rod has the tough task of spinning over your engine fast enough for the fuel and air mixture to be ignited by your ignition system. This takes roughly 400-500 rpms and if the starter cannot give you enough rpm you are not going anywhere. We all have heard that big block struggling to start at the end of the cruise night and if you don’t want to suffer the same embarrassing fate you need to upgrade your stock starter to a modern mini high-torque starter. The mini starter design uses the internal gear reduction to be able to provide higher rpm cranking no matter the operational conditions. Now you can crank that high-compression small block or big cube stroker big block without crossing your fingers when you twist your ignition key!

Ready to Handle Your Engine’s Cranking Needs

The benefits of utilizing a gear reduction starter are great. So much so that all the OE vehicle manufacturers have upgraded to similar high-performance starters beginning in the late 1990s. Chances are your daily driver uses just such a unit. They upgraded for the very same reasons you should—less weight, more room/access, and more starting power. Right off you can feel the weight difference. This Chevy high torque starter motor knocks nearly 12 pounds off a large body stock-style starter. Remember being under a car and the starter getting heavier and heavier as you tried to hold it in place and start a mounting bolt? You will be thankful this gear reduction starter is easier to hold on to and weighs less! Cranking output is amazing thanks to the 1.0 kW motor with 6:1 gear reduction. The efficient mini starter motor combined with the gear reduction means your electrical system and battery does not have to work as hard to turn over your engine. The cast aluminum housing is strong, yet smaller and lighter than a traditional large body starter. We have designed this starter to fit most Chevy V-8 and 90-degree V-6 engines that use either a 153- or 168-tooth flywheel/flexplate. This includes small block V-8 engines 1958 and newer and Chevy big blocks from 1965 and up. It will work with staggered-mount blocks by simply drilling and tapping the block casting hole that is already there to convert to a straight-mount configuration. So, no matter if you need a SBC mini starter or BBC mini starter, this high torque starter has you covered.

Directly Replaces Your Weak Stock Starter

Installing our mini starter could not be easier. The starter is designed to not only directly replace your original starter but includes new mounting bolts as well. The billet mounting face is drilled to accept 153- and 168-tooth mounting spacing in the perpendicular (straight) mounting location and can clock the mini starter body in one of 12 positions for clearance. If your block uses the staggered mounting bolt pattern, you will simply drill out and tap an existing hole in your block casting to mount the starter perpendicular to your flywheel/flexplate. Due to the high torque starter small block Chevy mounting design we include mounting shims to allow ring gear to starter pinion drive gear backlash adjustments. The included shims and fully illustrated instructions mean no matter your combination you can shim our mini starter for a perfect, bind-free fit.

Faster, Easier starting is Just a Click or Call Away

Once you get our SBC high torque starter in your hands you will wonder why you did not upgrade sooner! With a clockable body to help clear chassis and exhaust fitment issues, a small form factor, and less weight, our mini starters are everything you need to get your project started without busting your project’s budget.

Application Guide:

  • 1958 and newer small block Chevy V8 engines (283, 305, 307, 327, 350, and 400 cubic inch)
  • Small block Chevy V8 stroker engines, such as the popular 383 cubic inch
  • 1965 and newer big block Chevy V8 engines (396, 402, 427, 454 cubic inch)
  • 1992 to 1997 Chevy V8 LT1 engines
  • 1985 and newer 4.3L V6 engines
  • 153 tooth and 168 tooth flywheel or flexplate
  • Compatible with automatic and manual transmissions



1 Year


MFG. Part #91067409
BrandSpeedway Motors
Starter SizeMini
Mount TypeInline
Transmission TypeAutomatic and Manual
Starter Output (kW/hp)1.0 kW / 1 hp
Flywheel/Flexplate Tooth Count153-tooth/168-tooth
Voltage12 volts
Tooth Count10
Gear Ratio6.00:1
Compression Ratio10.0:1
Starter StyleMini
Weight7.50 lbs.
Overall Length7.00"
Overall Height4.75"
Hole Diameter0.39"
Shaft Diameter1.05"
Hardware IncludedYes
Sold in QuantityEach
NotesWill work on blocks with angle bolt pattern flange by drilling and tapping one hole