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Chevy Small Block V8, HEI / Male Cap Type, Red

  • This complete kit includes a blueprinted HEI distributor, Moroso under header spark plug wires, and HEI wiring pigtail
  • High performance ignition module is rated to 7500 RPM to maintain spark output all the way to redline
  • 50,000 volt high output coil delivers increased spark energy to increase horsepower
  • Adjustable vacuum advance allows you to limit the vacuum advance to improve fuel economy while cruising
  • Performance advance curve built in so there is no need for a re-curve kit

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91602032
BrandSpeedway Motors
Cap TypeHEI / Male
Advance TypeMechanical and Vacuum

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Speedway Motors 91602032 Details

  • Complete assembled HEI distributor ready to install
  • High output 50,000 volt ignition coil pre-installed
  • Premium high-temperature distributor cap with brass terminals
  • 4340 chromoly steel distributor gear compatible with cast and steel billet camshafts
  • Mechanical and vacuum advance systems, vacuum adjustable right on distributor
  • GM standard 4-pin electronic ignition module included rated to 7,500 rpm
  • Performance advance curve built in
  • Distributor cap outside diameter of 6-inches clears most firewalls
  • Service parts easily available for maintenance and repair needs
  • Includes distributor base gasket
  • Includes HEI distributor wiring connector pigtail for easy installation
  • Choice of red or black pre-assembled HEI distributor “under header” ignition wire set

Our HEI Distributor for Your Small Block or Big Block Chevy is a Real Performance Value

General Motors’ High Energy Ignition (HEI) debuted in the 1970s to replace the long used points ignition system that had been in place. HEI systems provide a more powerful spark to the spark plugs, allowing a wider plug gap for more complete ignition of the air/fuel mixture that has been compressed in the combustion chamber. The system is remarkably simple and dependable, with a direct mounted ignition coil and only requiring a single key switched power connection to function (with a properly grounded engine block of course). This eliminates the external coil, coil mounting bracket (and the room for it), any resistor wire or ballast resistor, and the wiring between the coil and distributor.

Due to the popularity of the GM HEI distributor, there have been numerous versions sold online over the years, many of questionable quality. Often, there is no way to easily source their GM HEI distributor parts to keep that bargain Chevy HEI distributor you scored online somewhere in running condition. Now it is no longer a bargain when you must shell out more money for another HEI distributor. We aimed to solve these problems when designing our HEI distributor by using quality components, precision manufacturing, and easily serviceable parts. From the standard 4-pin HEI distributor module to the HEI distributor cap, and more, we stock everything you need to freshen up your Speedway Motors HEI distributor for years of trouble free service but in an emergency, you can source replacement parts from the nearest automotive parts chain store.

Built Right, Built to Last, and Easily Serviced Anywhere

We start with a CNC machined and highly polished aluminum housing that is fitted with a performance ignition 4-pin HEI distributor module, high voltage coil, adjustable vacuum advance unit, and more. The mechanical advance can be fine tuned using a universal HEI distributor recurve kit, but for most street applications the mechanical advance curve fitted will work right out of the box. The 4340 chromoly steel gear fitted to the distributor shaft is compatible with cast and billet steel cams. Our HEI distributor fits all small block Chevy V8 engines and standard deck big block Chevy engines (such as 396, 427, and 454 displacements), making it the perfect BBC distributor.

Our performance HEI distributor can be used as a replacement for a stock HEI unit, or as a retrofit from a points based ignition. We include our GM HEI distributor pigtail to make power and tach connections easy and more secure when converting from a previous ignition system such as the original points setup. Furthermore, due to the HEI style distributor cap terminals you will need to update your wires to the appropriate HEI plug wire kit, so to make things easy we’ve added one of our top selling Moroso 8mm spiral core plug wire sets to this kit.

These ignition wires come in either black or red (choose your color when you add to cart), include the proper HEI terminal ends, and are pre-assembled and ready to install on your engine. The plug wires included are designed for “under header” routing, which offers a clean appearance and keeps the wires out of the way. We do offer this kit with over valve cover plug wires if your headers are not compatible. While you’re installing your new distributor, ditch that tiny stock distributor hold down for something with some real grip, like our extra heavy duty distributor clamp. We think you’ll agree once you have our performance HEI distributor in your hands that it is the best HEI distributor for the money.


Speedway Motors 91602032 Specifications

MFG. Part #91602032
BrandSpeedway Motors
Cap TypeHEI / Male
Advance TypeMechanical and Vacuum
External Ignition Box RequiredNo
Cap Terminal StyleHEI / Male
Trigger StyleMagnetic
Hall EffectNo
Sync SignalNo
Trigger SensorsSingle
Gear MaterialSteel
Distributor Cap ColorRed
Mechanical Tach DriveNo
Slip CollarNo
Rotor RotationClockwise
Sold in QuantityKit
NotesIncludes (8) pre-made spark plug cables (both ends 90 deg.). No coil wire included.