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    Brake Drums

    • No machining required; we’ve already done the hard work for you
    • Iconic 45-fin "Buick" brake drum styling of the past
    • New aluminum castings with integrated steel brake liner
    • Vibratory polished finish
    • Lighter weight than a traditional steel cast drum brake
    • CNC machined to clear 1937-48 Ford brakes
    • Computer balanced, no ugly external weights
    • Hub centric 5x5.5-inch wheel bolt pattern
    • Slips directly over our 1937-48 Ford 12x2 Bendix brakes and Early Ford Hub
    • Also available as part of a complete front brake drum, backing plate, and hub kit
    • Doesn’t fit most Kelsey Hayes or Ford wire wheels due to the same issues as original Buick drums


    Brake Assembly

    These brake assemblies can be used with Buick drums and 1948 Ford hubs, or we also offer new iron 12" x 2" brake drums (910-65400) with 5 on 5-1/2" bolt circle which are impossible to find elsewhere.

    Wheel Cylinder Inlet: 7/16"-20 straight thread
    NOT 7/16"-20 IFF
    Inlet fitting will require a sealing washer or O-ring style fitting
    Bolt Pattern: 3-3/8" center-to-center both horizontal and vertically
    If using Model A or B spindles the holes will have to be elongated inward to fit the narrower bolt pattern

    We recommend use of adapter rings 916-31928 to keep the spindle centered in the backing plate 



    Our new front early Ford car hubs are of the 1940 design which was of the slip-over drum configuration (brake drum mounts to the "front" side of the hub). Studs are installed on a 5 on 5-1/2" bolt circle. Hubs have bearing races installed and include a dust cap.



    These Speedway spindles are one piece, drop forged design constructed of high strength 4140 steel, which makes them superior to original components. These spindles are modeled after the 1937-41 round-back passenger car design and use 1937-41 Ford king pins.

    These spindles fit Ford axles from 1928-48 passenger car. They can be used with period correct drum brakes or modern Speedway Motors disc brakes, but will not work with hubs from 1928-36.

    This spindle kit has been machined to accept our Bendix Style brake kits.

    • Uses 1937-1941 king pin kit
    • For Ford axles 1928-1948 passenger car
    • Will not work with 1928-1936 Hubs
    • Includes king pin kit

    Be sure to include our spindle nut kit (910-616004) to properly install these spindles.

    This consists of 1 pair of Ford spindles, 1 king pin kit, and the king pin bushings installed/fitted to the pins.


    BrandSpeedway Motors
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