Product Summary

Universal Fit, 30 ft. Overall Length, Black, Nylon

  • Nylon loom presents a sleek, modern look for resto-mods and customs
  • Prevents damage from chafing, heat, road debris, and more
  • Installs easily over existing wiring or when new wiring is installed
  • Design allows tight and clean wire routing with easy access for future wiring additions
  • 30 feet of 1/8-inch loom covers wiring, vacuum lines, brake lines, and more

Key Specs

MFG. Part #910457018
BrandSpeedway Motors
Overall Length30 ft.
Material TypeNylon

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Speedway Motors 910457018 Details

  • Flexible braided nylon wire loom protects wires from heat and abrasion
  • Braided nylon wire loom beautifies and organizes your vehicle’s wiring
  • Laterally split overlapped opening retains wires without the need for tape or tie wraps
  • Additional wiring can be added in the future without damaging the split loom
  • Available in several diameters to fit any wire harness needs on your car or truck
  • Resistant to major automotive chemicals and oils
  • Can be used over heater and vacuum hoses for a uniform under hood appearance

Cover and Protect Your Wiring with a Sleek, Modern Look

Wiring a street rod or a race car is a tough project. Once you have finished your wiring project and everything works, you know the job is not complete until you protect and secure all that new wiring. You have probably used electrical tape in the past and ended up with a sticky ball of wasted tape, a harness that was as stiff as a tree branch, and tape that unraveled after three months anyways. There has to be a better way, right?

Original factory wiring used a woven cloth wire loom or adhesive-backed tape to protect it, and later moved to plastic wire cover or split wire loom. These original methods of protecting and securing the harness made wiring modifications and additions nearly impossible without destroying the wire wrap.

Our braided wire loom is the modern and easy to install solution for new or existing wiring harnesses while providing a sleek, modern appearance. Your wiring is securely and attractively bundled in a durable automotive-grade braided nylon sleeve and installation is simple thanks to an overlapping split opening that requires no tools.

Automotive Grade Braided Sleeve Withstands Wear and Heat

Speedway’s braided nylon wire looms were designed to be easy to use, have high wear characteristics, allow gentle bends and curves for the most intricate wire routing, and are affordable. Automotive grade braided nylon split loom stands up to the heat of your engine compartment while protecting your wiring from abrasions, all the while looking great doing it.

The braided nylon wire wrap expands to fit varying wire diameters, taking up the least space required. No fancy colors here, just a nice minimalist look in black; and if Johnny Cash has proved anything, black goes with everything.

We crafted a braided cloth version as well for those that prefer a more vintage look for their wiring project.

Installs Easily Over New or Existing Wiring

Our 1/8-inch braided loom comes to you in a generous 30-foot length, providing plenty of wire cover material for your wiring. The diameter provides an overlap at the split opening, which retains any wire you place in it without the need for tie wraps or tape, saving you time and expense.

Installation is easy and can be performed before installation into the vehicle or directly onto existing vehicle wiring for a clean and professional look. You can use our braided nylon wire loom over heater hoses, vacuum and brake lines, or any other component under the hood for a uniform appearance.

Cutting our braided nylon wire loom to length can be accomplished with standard scissors (we highly recommend melting the bare ends or using shrink wrap to prevent fraying) or a heated tool such as a hot wire knife or even a soldering iron with a cutting tip installed.

Allows Easy Expansion of Your Wiring System

If you add electrical equipment to your vehicle down the road it is quite easy to run the new wiring within by simply pushing it into the wire sleeve opening. No longer do you have to cut open a taped harness or have the ugly look of tie wrapping your auxiliary wiring over the top of your nice wire looms. You know what to do; throw out those rolls of electrical tape and make your wiring project stand above the rest with Speedway’s braided cloth wire loom.

Speedway Motors 910457018 Specifications

MFG. Part #910457018
BrandSpeedway Motors
Overall Length30 ft.
Material TypeNylon
Inside Diameter0.125"
Sold in QuantityEach