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Deluxe Crate Engine Crate Engine Type

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    Crate Engine TypeDeluxe Crate Engine
    Engine Displacement302 cu. in.
    Horsepower300 horsepower
    Compression Ratio9.6:1
    Torque320+ ft./lbs.

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    BluePrint Roller 347 Ford Engine

    • 415 hp and 400 torque
    • Hand picked seasoned 1986-1995 blocks bored .040 over
    • Square and parallel decked
    • Align honed main bearing bore
    • Cylinders honed on computer controlled machine to within .0002
    • Cylinders are sonic tested for thickness
    • New cast steel crankshaft with 3.400 stroke
    • New rods with 150,000 psi bolts
    • Hypereutectic pistons
    • 10 to 1 compression
    • Balanced rotating assembly
    • Hydraulic roller camshaft
    • .543 Intake / .554 exhaust & 218 intake / 226 exhaust duration @ .050 - 112 degree lobe separation
    • Heavy duty double roller timing set
    • Aluminum, 58cc chamber cylinder heads
    • Valve covers
    • New HEI distributor
    • Painted oil pan
    • Brass freeze plugs

    Learn more about these crate engines by reading our article, "Building a Better SBF" as featured in Custom Classic Trucks Magazine.

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    Holley Sniper EFI 4150 4-Barrel Self-Tuning Master Kit

    Put an end to mysterious air/fuel ratios, jet changes, and cold-start rough idle troubles with Holley Sniper EFI. Affordable aftermarket fuel injection is here and it couldn't be any easier to install on your vehicle. Holley Sniper EFI is a perfect match for any muscle car, classic truck, street rod, or nearly any other carbureted vehicle. Economically priced to save your hard earned money for other parts of your build; Holley Sniper EFI is a self-tuning, plug and play fuel injection system that takes all the trouble and guesswork out of your switch to modern electronic fuel injection. With over 100 years of building quality fuel systems, you can trust Holley Sniper with all your electronic fuel injection needs!

    Holley Sniper EFI is packed with all the features that your car or truck needs. This throttle body fuel injection replaces any square bore or spread bore style 4-barrel carburetor. The built in ECU keeps the wiring neat and tidy with no need to run the computer and associated wiring back into the cab of the vehicle. Connect the 4 necessary wires and you're good to go. The self-learning ECU takes care of setting the baseline tune while the full touchscreen display allows you to fine tune as you please. Sniper EFI throttle bodies utilize OEM style TPS and IAC modules for dependable and serviceable use. Life is too short to hassle  with cold start issues, hesitations, flooding, and carburetor inconsistencies. Leave that old 4-barrel to rest and bring in a new era of performance, reliability, and fun with a Holley Sniper EFI system!

    Holley Sniper EFI Master Kits include everything you will need to get your new Sniper EFI throttle body setup and running on any of your vehicles. Master Kits include 20 feet of 3/8" EFI fuel hose, in-line electric fuel pump, pre and post filters, return bulkhead, and all of the needed fuel fittings and hardware to get your system plumbed, wired up and running in no time.

    • Direct carburetor replacement
    • Fits single and dual plane intake manifolds
    • Naturally aspirated applications only
    • Throttle body mounted ECU - no extra computers to mount or relocate
    • Capable of supporting up to 650 HP
    • Simple, 4 wire connection (Battery +, Battery -, Switched ignition & RPM)
    • Built in pre-set fuel pressure regulator
    • Integrated ignition timing control & coil driver
    • Color touchscreen for easy setup and gauge displays
    • Self tuning ECU means you dont have to be a computer/tuning expert to enjoy EFI
    • Chrome finish

    Moroso Spark Plug Wires, HEI Cap

    If you have ever tried to put plug wires together yourself, you know how frustrating it can be. These pre-assembled Moroso 8mm spiral core wires are fiberglass reinforced with a silicone outer layer. Wires have 90° boots on both ends.

    Plug Wire Lengths Included:

    • 37-7/8" x 1
    • 37"       x 2
    • 35-1/2" x 1
    • 33"       x 1
    • 29-5/5" x 1
    • 27-3/4" x 2

    GM HEI Distributor Wiring Pigtail Connector

    This wiring pigtail features a dual HEI connector that helps clean up your engine bay by eliminating the use of single spade connectors to make battery and tachometer connections. 10 inch long wires that are red and green to identify battery and tachometer.

    • 10-inch length
    • Red and green wires to identify battery and tach leads


    Dyno Sheet (PDF)  (Note: This sheet represents one example engine. Your individual engine may differ slightly

    Crate Engine Installation Guide (PDF)


    BrandSpeedway Motors
    Crate Engine TypeDeluxe Crate Engine
    Engine Displacement302 cu. in.
    Horsepower300 horsepower
    Compression Ratio9.6:1
    Torque320+ ft./lbs.
    Camshaft TypeHydraulic Roller Tappet
    Piston MaterialHypereutectic Aluminum
    Crankshaft MaterialCast Steel
    Camshaft Duration (.050 in)218° intake / 226° exhaust
    Camshaft Lift (in).543 intake / .554 exhaust
    Intake Manifold IncludedYes
    Cylinder Heads IncludedYes
    Harmonic Balancer IncludedYes
    Flexplate IncludedYes
    Maximum RPM5500
    Warranty30 month/50,000 mile
    BlockHand picked, seasoned block bored .040 over