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5 on 5.5" Bolt Pattern, 12" Overall Diameter

  • This kit comes complete ready to bolt on to clearanced spindles such as our 91032111 spindles which are milled for backing plate clearance
  • Iconic 45-fin "Buick" style brake drum brings back the old school look of the past
  • Drums are CNC machined to clear the included hubs making it a simple bolt on installation
  • 5 on 5.5" bolt pattern to match early Ford wheels
  • Backing plates come completely assembled with shoes, wheel cylinders, and brake hardware

Comes as a Kit

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BrandSpeedway Motors
Bolt Pattern5 on 5.5"

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If you want the early look but are reluctant to use old non-energizing drum brakes, we have just what you need. These all new 12" finned style drum brake kits come complete for your front end! Our 100% new self-energizing backing plate assemblies come complete with shoes, wheel cylinders and hardware.

Preserving traditional hot rod styling and designs of the past is getting more difficult by the day. In the past, acquiring a set of finned Buick brake drums for your traditional Ford hot rod required hours of rummaging through swap meets and some time on the lathe, machining them down to fit on your 1937-48 Ford spindles - not any longer!

This all-new Buick-style brake drum combines modern design and engineering with the classic stylings of the past. This is not a flimsy cover, but rather a high-quality recreation of the most effective brake drums ever produced. To overcome the inherent design flaws with drum brakes, Buick introduced aluminum front brake drums across all models in 1958. Typical cast iron drum brakes build heat quickly and begin to fade. Hot rodders quickly discovered that the aluminum material and the 45 radial fins radiated heat much faster than cast iron drums. Plus, the weight savings of aluminum made them faster at the drags. 

It wasn't easy to adapt this new technology to their old Ford, though. Machining was required to correct the offset, clearance the hubs and get the right bolt pattern. We've saved you the time, trouble and cost associated with those swap meet parts. This all-new improved design features an increase in strength over the OE Buick drums, a hub-centric center register for improved safety and handling, and the correct offset built in to clear traditional Ford brake setups. Plus, it's computer balanced internally, eliminating those ugly external weights.

These brand new aluminum castings include a steel brake liner and are machined with the proper clearances to fit onto 1937-48 Ford hubs, as well as any 12" x 2" Bendix-style brake configuration with a 5 x 5.5 wheel bolt pattern. They are the perfect addition to any traditional hot rod build.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Aluminum Buick-Styled finned brake drums
  • (2) Bendix Style Backing Plates
  • (2) Early Ford Style Front Hubs w/studs
  • (2) Ford Inner Bearing Cones
  • (2) Ford Outer Bearing Cones
  • (2) Front Wheel Seals
  • (2) Bearing Races
  • (2) Bearing Cups



  • No machining required
  • Iconic 45-fin "Buick" brake drum styling of the past
  • New aluminum castings with integrated steel brake liner
  • Lighter weight than a traditional steel cast drum brake
  • CNC machined to clear 1937-48 Ford brakes
  • Computer balanced, no ugly stick on weights
  • Hub centric 5 x 5.5" bolt pattern
  • Uniformly smooth cast surface is ideal for polishing
  • Slips directly over our 1937-48 Ford 12"x2" Bendix brakes # 910-65420 and Early Ford Hub # 910-65450


BrandSpeedway Motors
Bolt Pattern5 on 5.5"
Overall Diameter12"
Sold in QuantityKit
NotesIncludes backing plates, shoes, hardware, and wheel cylinders.
Hat Material TypeAluminum
Thread Pitch1/2"-20
Stud Length1.20"