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15 Inch Wheel Diameter, Steel, 8" Width, Chrome, Gold

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    Aero Race Wheels 52 Series steel wheels are designed for asphalt or dirt oval track use. The roll-formed 52 Series wheels are Aero's most popular 15x8 on the market. They have more accurate bead seats with lower run-out and knife-edged bead humps. They feature a 7-hole D-window center disc made of HSLA material for strength and durability.

    • Can be used for both dirt and asphalt
    • Designed for vehicles up to 3500 lbs.
    • Must use 1" O.D. lug nuts with 45 degree taper
    • All 52 Series have safety bead humps

    Note: Available with a WISSOTA sanctioning sticker.

    Learn more about determining the proper wheel offset, torque sequence, and bolt pattern for your application by reading our tech article, Racing Wheel Principles.