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Universal Fit, Steel, Hardware Included

  • Spring pads are made in the USA and designed for 3” OD axle tubes with 2-1/2” wide leaf springs
  • Multiple adjustable keys are included which allow you to fine tune the position of your rear axle housing up to 1/4” forward or 1/4” rearward from center
  • Allows you to properly center the wheels and tires in the wheel well of your car or truck for maximum tire clearance
  • These leaf spring lower shock mounting plate is made from steel with a zinc finish
  • This 8" long leaf spring U-bolt is a great replacement for worn out or rusty stock bolts

Comes as a Kit

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BrandSpeedway Motors
Material TypeSteel

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Leaf Spring Pads

  • Weld-on, universal leaf spring pads for 3-inch diameter axle tubes
  • Accommodates standard width 2-1/2-inch leaf spring assemblies
  • Offset key inserts permit fine-tuning of axle housing position fore and aft on leaf spring
  • Inserts work with all standard leaf spring locating pins
  • Allows centering of rear wheels in the body opening to provide maximum clearance
  • Inserts sit in machined pocket of spring pad, allowing them to be easily swapped out
  • Includes 1/4-inch offset, 1/8-inch offset, and 0 offset keys that provide up to a 1/2-inch of adjustment
  • Crafted from .250-inch steel plate and precision laser cut and CNC machined
  • Bare steel construction ready for welding to your cleaned and prepped axle tubes
  • Proudly made in the USA


Shock Mounting Plates

Steel leaf spring lower shock mounting plate. Eases the mounting of rear shocks.

  • Accepts 2.5" leaf spring
  • Bolt holes are 3-5/8" apart center to center
  • Bolt holes are 3-1/8" center to center on flange sides
  • Bolt holes are 9/16" I.D.
  • Single shock boss



Speedway leaf sping axle U-bolts are a great replacement for worn out stock bolts and feature a generous length to accomodate lowering blocks (sold separately) to fine tune your ride height. U-bolts are zinc-plated steel to ensure long life and durability. All bolts are 1/2" diameter with 1/2"-20 threads. Fits rearend housings with 3" diameter axle tubes.

  • Works with 3" diameter axle tubes
  • 8" overall length
  • 6" thread length
  • 1/2"-20 thread pitch
  • Includes nylock nuts
  • Set of 4


Kit Includes

(4) Leaf Spring U-Bolt for 3 Inch Axle Tube, 8 Inch Long

(1) Speedway Leaf Spring Lower Shock Mounting Plates, Left and Right

(1) Weld On Adjustable Leaf Spring Pad, Perch, 3 Inch Axle Tube, Pair


Adjustable Leaf Spring Pads Solve Axle Housing Location Issues

Setting up a leaf spring rear suspension involves many factors and one of them is often welding of a new leaf spring perch or pad onto each end of your original or aftermarket axle housing to locate your axle to the leaf springs and to correctly set pinion angle. Once each spring perch is welded in place and the suspension setup and at ride height some builders have found a slight forward or rearward positioning of the axle housing that does not center within the wheel opening in the body of the vehicle. This is not always a major issue, but for some people it is quite noticeable, and in certain instances where larger tires are used to enhance traction offsetting the axle housing fore or aft of centerline may prevent contact of the tire with the wheel housing or quarter panel skin. Our new offset leaf spring pads offer an easy way to relocate the axle housing for centering or tire clearance.

Sized to Fit Most Popular Rear Axle Housings

Our leaf spring pads are made right here in the USA and start as 1/4-inch plate steel that are laser cut and CNC machined to fit your 3-inch diameter axle tubes perfectly and work with both stock and aftermarket leaf spring U-bolts. They ship as bare steel components, so there is no paint or powder coating to remove for welding, helping you get the job done more quickly. The rear axle spring perches feature a slotted leaf spring center bolt pin pocket that is machined to accept the included offset key inserts. The pocket has a small, machined lip that retains these inserts, requiring no welding of the insert to the pad. This allows future adjustments for tire diameter or centering appearance as suspension and/or ride height changes are made. The kit includes a pair of leaf spring pads and a pair of each key insert for 0-inch offset, 1/8-inch offset, or 1/4-inch offset. The key inserts are reversable, allowing them to be used to offset the rear fore or aft up to a total of 1/2-inch in adjustment range.

There are many popular production and aftermarket axle housings that use 3-inch diameter axle tubes, including the Chrysler 8-1/4 and 9-1/4, Ford 8.8 and 9-inch, GM 10-bolt and 12-bolt, and more. This means these adjustable leaf spring mounting pads will fit a wide variety of axles no matter the project. Installing a late-model Ford 8.8 under your classic Mustang with leaf springs? Or perhaps you just ordered one of our 9-inch axle assemblies for your ’55 Chevy 210? Either way, these leaf spring pads could be just the answer to your problem and provide the much-needed visual relief and/or tire clearance your project car needs. Order a set today and sleep better tonight knowing your project’s rear axle fitment issue has been solved.



BrandSpeedway Motors
Material TypeSteel
Hardware IncludedYes
Sold in QuantityKit