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MFG. Part #30-2230
BrandAEM Electronics

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Do you have an older AEM Series 1 or MoTeC M4-based programmable ECU that only outputs through a serial port connection? Then we have your racing digital dashboard solution! AEM’s Plug & Play Serial-to-CAN bus Communication Harnesses convert the data stream from the serial data ports on AEM Series 1 and MoTeC M4/M48/M8/MLS/M2R programmable ECUs into AEMdata CAN bus for display and logging on CD Carbon Digital Dash Displays. These adapter cables provide a one-plug connection and are already configured in DashDesign 2.0 software to import, making them easy to set up and configure.


MoTeC M4-based Serial-to-CAN Adapter Harnesses

There are two Serial-to-CAN adapter harnesses for MoTeC ECUs that support M4, M48, M8, M2R and MLS model ECUs. All early M4-based ECUs which normally require the use of a CIM to communicate with the PC (M4 with serial numbers between 0-2999), all M48s and all M8s use AEM adapter harness PN 30-2230 which includes the CIM functionality in the adaptor All later M4 ECUs (M4 with serial numbers 3000 and above), all MLSs and all M2Rs use AEM adapter PN 30-2231. There are 37 parameter channels and 32 state channels that are available for displaying and logging on a CD Carbon Dash Display (click here for supported ECU info and available channels (download the instructions for supported part numbers and available channels).

MoTeC ECU AEM Serial-to-CAN Adapter
M4 early (s/n 0-2999)

M48 (all)

M8 (all)
AEM 30-2230

MoTeC M4 Early
M4 late (s/n 3000+)

MLS (all)

M2R (all)
AEM 30-2231

MoTeC M4 Late


MFG. Part #30-2230
BrandAEM Electronics
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GTIN Code840879026790