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Universal Fit, Paper Filter Material, Black Anodized

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    MFG. Part #25-200BK
    BrandAEM Electronics

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    AEM's High Volume Fuel Filter is capable of supporting fuel flow for vehicles up to 500 horsepower. Double O-ring seals deliver superior leak protection and the filter’s 6061 aluminum body provides excellent durability. The standard high-flow filter element is replaceable and available at most auto parts stores so you aren’t stuck if you need to replace it during a race. This unit is a direct-fit replacement for most Honda/Acura applications or used as a floating application on most vehicles.


    • Supports flow for racing and Motorsports vehicles up to 500 horsepower
    • Fits in stock Honda/Acura location or as a floating application on any vehicle
    • Large hexes machined into top and bottom for easy disassembly
    • Thread sizes for filter are 12x1.25 top and 14x1.50 bottom for fittings (universal applications)
    • Uses standard high flow replacement filter (NAPA Gold Part #PN4950 or FRAM part #CH6069)
    • No additional parts required for installation (Honda/Acura Only)


    Acura 1997 CL 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B1]
    Acura 1997-1998 CL 3.0L/2997ccV6 [J30A1]
    Acura 1998 CL 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A1]
    Acura 1997 CL Premium 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B1]
    Acura 1997-1999 CL Premium 3.0L/2997ccV6 [J30A1]
    Acura 1998-1999 CL Premium 2.3L/2254ccL4 [F23A1]
    Acura 1997-2001 Integra GS 1.8L/1834ccL4 [B18B1]
    Acura 1994-2001 Integra GS-R 1.8L/1797ccL4 [B18C1]
    Acura 1994-2001 Integra LS 1.8L/1834ccL4 [B18B1]
    Acura 1994-1998 Integra RS 1.8L/1834ccL4 [B18B1]
    Acura 1995-1996 Integra Special Edition 1.8L/1834ccL4 [B18B1]
    Acura 1997-1998 Integra Type R 1.8L/1797ccL4 [B18C5]
    Acura 2000-2001 Integra Type R 1.8L/1797ccL4 [B18C5]
    Acura 1996-1998 RL 3.5L/3475ccV6 [C35A1]
    Acura 1996-1998 RL Premium 3.5L/3475ccV6 [C35A1]
    Acura 1998 RL SE 3.5L/3475ccV6 [C35A1]
    Acura 1995-1998 TL 2.5L/2451ccL5 [G25A4]
    Acura 1996-1998 TL 3.2L/3206ccV6 [C32A6]
    Acura 1995-1998 TL Premium 2.5L/2451ccL5 [G25A4]
    Acura 1996-1998 TL Premium 3.2L/3206ccV6 [C32A6]
    Honda 1996 Accord 25th Anniversary Edition 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2]
    Honda 1994-1995 Accord DX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2]
    Honda 1996 Accord DX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2]
    Honda 1997 Accord DX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2]
    Honda 1994-1997 Accord EX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B1]
    Honda 1995-1996 Accord EX 2.7L/2675ccV6 [C27A4]
    Honda 1994-1997 Accord LX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2]
    Honda 1995-1996 Accord LX 2.7L/2675ccV6 [C27A4]
    Honda 1997 Accord SE 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2]
    Honda 1996-1997 Accord Value Package 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B2]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic CX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B8]
    Honda 1996-2000 Civic CX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y7]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic del Sol S 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B7]
    Honda 1996-1997 Civic del Sol S 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y7]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic del Sol Si 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Z6]
    Honda 1996-1997 Civic del Sol Si 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y8]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic del Sol VTEC 1.6L/1590ccL4 [B16A3]
    Honda 1996-1997 Civic del Sol VTEC 1.6L/1590ccL4 [B16A2]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic DX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B7]
    Honda 1996-2000 Civic DX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y7]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic EX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Z6]
    Honda 1996-2000 Civic EX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y8]
    Honda 1996-2000 Civic HX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y5]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic LX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15B7]
    Honda 1996-2000 Civic LX 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y7]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic Si 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Z6]
    Honda 1999-2000 Civic Si 1.6L/1595ccL4 [B16A2]
    Honda 1999 Civic Value Package 1.6L/1590ccL4 [D16Y7]
    Honda 1994-1995 Civic VX 1.5L/1493ccL4 [D15Z1]
    Honda 1998 CR-V EX 2.0L/1972ccL4 [B20B4]
    Honda 1999-2001 CR-V EX 2.0L/1972ccL4 [B20Z2]
    Honda 1997-1998 CR-V LX 2.0L/1972ccL4 [B20B4]
    Honda 1999-2001 CR-V LX 2.0L/1972ccL4 [B20Z2]
    Honda 2000-2001 CR-V SE 2.0L/1972ccL4 [B20Z2]
    Honda 1995-1997 Odyssey EX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B6]
    Honda 1998 Odyssey EX 2.3L/2234ccL4 [F23A7]
    Honda 1995-1997 Odyssey LX 2.2L/2156ccL4 [F22B6]
    Honda 1998 Odyssey LX 2.3L/2234ccL4 [F23A7]
    Honda 1997-2001 Prelude 2.2L/2156ccL4 [H22A4]
    Honda 1997-2001 Prelude Type SH 2.2L/2156ccL4 [H22A4]
    Isuzu 1996-1997 Oasis LS 2.2L/2156ccL4 VIN:4
    Isuzu 1998 Oasis LS 2.3L/2254ccL4
    Isuzu 1999 Oasis LS 2.3L/2234ccL4 [F23A7]
    Isuzu 1996-1997 Oasis S 2.2L/2156ccL4 VIN:4
    Isuzu 1998 Oasis S 2.3L/2254ccL4
    Isuzu 1999 Oasis S 2.3L/2234ccL4 [F23A7]


    MFG. Part #25-200BK
    BrandAEM Electronics
    Filter MaterialPaper
    Fuel Filter StyleInline
    Inlet Fitting14mm x 1.50"
    Outlet Fitting12mm x 1.25"
    Filter Element IncludedYes
    Housing MaterialAluminum
    Housing FinishBlack Anodized
    Inlet QuantityOne
    Outlet QuantityOne
    Fittings IncludedNo
    Mounting Bracket IncludedNo
    GTIN Code840879020101
    Sold in QuantityEach