Product Summary

Oval Track Cars

  • Engineered to provide a reduction in driver crash shock and impact
  • It works exactly like a shock absorber for your spine
  • Removes quickly and easily when it's time to wash the car
  • Creates the much-needed space needed under you to slow your downward motion
  • The 1/2" layers can be added or removed for 1" to 3" thickness

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MFG. Part #CP0308LM
Brand812 Solutions

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The Problem

  • Hard impact on the frame bottom during a crash, compresses you into the seat bottom. The weight of your head and helmet act like a Pile Driver on top of your rigidly seated spine. Your spine absorbs the full compression impact resulting in pain, injury and damage. You can be done racing for the season or worse.

The Solution

  • The Crash Pad was developed by two sprint car racers (both engineers) for themselves. "We didn't want to get hurt so we did extensive research to find the correct solution to the most common injury remaining in open wheel racing.  We have used the product for several years and unfortunately have successfully tested it several times in our own hard crashes.  We decided that it was now time to make a simple product available for all racers."

The Benefits

  • Reduction in driver crash shock and impact 
  • Works like a shock absorber for your spine
  • US Military testing found this material BEST to reduce spinal injury for this same impact problem
  • Creates the space needed under you to slow your downward motion
  • Reusable - recovers to original capability in seconds
  • Simple - just put the Crash Pad in your seat and go
  • Portable - take it with you to another ride
  • Removes quickly to wash the car- wipes clean with damp cloth
  • Adjustable width - fits 14" to 18" width seats - YOU custom fit it to your seat
  • Adjustable thickness - 1/2" layers can be added or removed for 1" to 3" thickness.
  • Very tough outer covering
  • Does not support flame
  • Unchanged “seat of the pants" feel for the car
  • Bonus - super comfortable - eliminates pressure points


  • 3" crash pad
  • 8" x 18" lumbar pad
  • Sold each


MFG. Part #CP0308LM
Brand812 Solutions
Sold in QuantityEach