Product Summary

Universal Fit, Steel, Black powdercoated

  • Allows you to change an engine with the air box on
  • 1/4-inch steel lift plate with adjustable strap mounting points to fit your engine. 1/4 inch x 7 inch x 20.5 inch
  • Hooks to front and back of engine block or cylinder heads
  • 1,200 pound weight limit supports big blocks and fully dressed racing engines
  • No longer worry about damaging your paint or power coating with chains, kit includes 2 nylon straps for a clean pull

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91089447
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 91089447 Details

  • Steel engine lift bracket features multiple mounting holes for perfect strap placement
  • Nylon lifting straps feature adjustable length and steel end plates
  • 1,200 pound lifting capacity will lift just about any engine combination
  • Strap ends feature 3/8-inch mounting holes to attach via exhaust studs/bolts
  • Mounts to ends of block or cylinder heads for four-point stabilization
  • Provides clearance over large induction systems/air filter assemblies
  • Easily lifts complete engine with induction system in place, making engine swaps faster
  • Powder coated lift bracket and strap ends for long life and low maintenance
  • Zinc plated mounting hardware for straps to lift bracket included

Safer And Easier Engine Swaps for Your Oval Track Race Car

Your typical sprint car or late model has a lot going on in the engine compartment. They’re crammed full of go fast parts, chassis tubing, and more, that make extricating your engine for a refresh or to swap to your backup engine a bit of a nightmare. The traditional engine lift plate requires removal of induction pieces for attaching to the intake and the engine hoist chain that many engine hoists come with quickly become frustrating to use due to weight and how easily they can damage paint, powder coat, and more on your chassis due to the tight confines.

Struggling with a traditional block and tackle or chain fall isn’t the best course of action and often your race car is immobile, so you have to use a traditional engine hoist to pull your race car’s engine up and away from the chassis to place the engine on an engine stand for repair or storage. Using our four point engine lifting sling with your engine hoist is going to be the safest and fastest way to remove your engine from your race car’s chassis. Frankly, it can be used on just about any engine and chassis combo with the adjustability we engineered into it!

Built Strong and Built to Last With Fully Adjustable Lift Straps

Starting with our engine lift plate, we designed in plenty of adjustability with twelve 1/2-inch strap mounting holes placed every 1-3/4-inches. The large lift hook slot accommodates the typical engine lift snap-hook, while the 1/4-inch thick plate steel material prevents flexing or bending even when lifting the heaviest of engines. We then give it plenty of protection and a bit of beautification with a gloss black powder coat finish.

The included pair of lift straps are made from strong nylon weave material that is 1-3/4-inches wide and feature 1/2-inch mounting hole brackets on the lift plate ends and 3/8-inch mounting hole brackets on the engine ends. Both ends are powder coated black as well for long term protection. We include 1/2-inch zinc plated mounting hardware to mount the engine lifting straps to the lift plate. For the 3/8-inch engine end you’ll use existing holes on your engine block casting or cylinder head ends for the four attaching points. The nylon straps are adjustable from 38-1/4-inches to 50-1/2-inches in length to accommodate most any engine and induction package. The whole package is rated for 1,200 pounds of lifting capacity, so whether it is a fully dressed race engine, or you're pulling that crusty old big block for a rebuild, you can feel safe doing it.

Lift Your Engine Quickly and Easily Each and Every Time

Attaching to your engine hoist or shop crane is simple with our generously sized lift hook slot. Engine application will determine where to mount the engine lift straps to the lift plate and the length of the strap as well. The larger the induction setup you need to clear the further the straps will need to be spaced. Once you’ve determined the proper spacing and engine hoist strap length, bolt the straps to the engine lift plate. Tighten the hardware enough to take up the slack but still allowing the strap’s end plate to pivot slightly. On the engine end of the engine lift straps be sure to select the same approximate bolt hole location front to rear to prevent engine tilting when lifting. Be it your Saturday night race engine, or that big block you’re looking to drop into your project truck on Sunday, our 4 point engine lifting slings will get the job done quickly and safely.

Speedway Motors 91089447 Specifications

MFG. Part #91089447
BrandSpeedway Motors
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #910-89447
Material TypeSteel
FinishBlack powdercoated
Hardware IncludedYes
Material Thickness.250"
NotesBlock/cylinder head attaching hardware not included
Sold in QuantityEach