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3X Chemistry Rust Converter, Quart
3X Chemistry Rust Converter, Quart

3X Chemistry Rust Converter, Quart

1.00 quarts Capacity

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3X Chemistry Rust Converter, Quart
3X Chemistry Rust Converter, Quart
3X Chemistry Rust Converter, Quart
3X Chemistry Rust Converter, Quart
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1.00 quarts
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3X:Chemistry Rust Converter instantly neutralizes rust and converts the rusted surface to a dark, protective polymeric coating. The inert coating provides an excellent primer base that seals out moisture to prevent future rust and corrosion. Protected surface can now be top coated with most paints.
  • Instantly neutralizes rust
  • Converts rusted surfaces to a dark, protective polymeric coating
  • Provides an excellent primer base to seal out moisture & prevent future rust and corrosion
  • Protected surface can be top coated with most paints
  • Also available in 13 oz Spray cans

30799022 Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)



Preparation: Remove all loose rust and dirt using a wire brush. Clean any residual grease and oils from the surface.

Equipment: Rust Converter can be applied with a brush, trigger bottle or a spray gun. Brush - A common household paint brush or foam applicator. Spray Gun - HVLP or conventional spray gun using a 1.0-1.4 nozzle at low pressure. Trigger Bottle - For best results, use in conjunction with brush. DO NOT use trigger bottle for any other products or disposed of after use.

Application: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Rust Converter is ready-to-use right out of the bottle. No dilution or reducing is necessary. Liberally spray or brush the rust converter onto corroded surfaces. One quart will cover approximately 50-75 square feet on a smooth, non-porous surface. Irregular, porous or textured surfaces may require more product.

Important: DO NOT return unused material to original container. DO NOT APPLY this product to painted surfaces. DO NOT APPLY this product to surfaces below 50°F. DO NOT allow this product to freeze.

Drying Time: The resulting coat will dry in about 20 minutes. Drying time may vary based on temperature. Apply a second coat to ensure complete transformation of rusted surfaces. Allow 48 hours of cure time before the application of the finished paint coat.



"What types of metal does Rust Converter work on?"

Rust Converter is effective on ferrous metals such as steel and iron.

"How does Rust Converter work?"

Rust Converter contains tannic acid which chemically bonds then reacts with the rust to convert it to iron tannate. This results in a stable, black polymeric coating. Rust Converter reacts only areas where rust is present.

"Should the surface be prepped prior to application?"

Yes. To prepare the surface, remove loose particles of rust and debris with a wire brush. Remove any grease, oil, or salt residue with a safety solvent or degreaser. Please note that any residue left on the surface may interfere with the adhesion of the product. It is important not to take it down to the bare metal. If so a metal primer is needed in place of the rust converter.

"How much coverage does it provide?"

Aerosol covers 50-75 sq. ft.. Each quart will cover approximately 50-75 square feet. A gallon will cover about 200-300 sq. ft. Irregular, porous surfaces will require heavier application.

"Can product be reused?"

Yes, but only what was not poured from the bottle prior to application. Do not return unused product to the original container. Once the product comes in contact with metal the chemical reaction will contaminate any unused product.

"Will temperature affect results?"

Yes. Optimum results are obtained when the surface temperature and the product are between 50°F and 95°F. Do not apply if the surface temperature is below 50°F as this can cause the product to dry milky white or not fully adhere to the rust. If the temperature of the surface is significantly higher than 95°F, it can cause some of the components to evaporate too quickly and interfere with adhesion.

"Is clean up easy?"

Simply clean application equipment with soap and water immediately after use.

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