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    MFG. Part #46813
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    3X:Chemistry Metal Etch is a treatment for bare metal that inhibits rust and promotes paint adhesion. Lightly etches metal and leaves a zinc coating that helps chemically bind paint to surfaces.

    • Etches and prepares surface for paint
    • Will remove light surface rust
    • Apply to new metal or sandblasted parts
    • Ideal for use with 3X Rust Dissolver
    • Non-flammable and reusable
    • Can be sprayed, brushed, or dipped



    "What types of metal does Metal Etch work on?"
    Metal Etch is effective on ferrous metals such as steel and iron.

    "How does Metal Etch work?"
    Metal Etch contains a phosphoric acid that removes light rust as it gently etches the metal, while laying down a zinc phosphate coating that inhibits corrosion and helps bind primer or paint to the metal surface.

    "Should the surface be prepped prior to application?"
    Yes. To prepare the surface, remove any grease, oil, or residue. Please note that any residue left on the surface may interfere with the adhesion of the product.

    "Can product be reused?"
    Yes. Metal Etch can be reused when the metal part is dipped in solution.

    "Can Metal Etch harm the metal?"
    Yes. Metal Etch utilizes phosphoric acid to etch the surface. If the part is left unattended, especially when dipped, Metal Etch can start to eat away the metal surface.

    "Will temperature affect results?"
    Yes. Optimum results are obtained when the surface temperature and the product are between 70°F and 100°F. If the temperature of the surface is significantly higher than 100°F, it can cause some of the components to evaporate too quickly and interfere with adhesion.

    "Is clean up easy?"
    Simply use mineral spirits or acetone to remove excess Metal Etch from the surface.



    MFG. Part #46813
    Brand3X Chemistry
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