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Universal Fit, Steel, 0.188" Tube O.D., -3 AN

  • This brake line kit makes it easy to install all new brake lines on your project
  • Includes 25 ft roll of PVF Poly-Armour coated premium steel 3/16" brake line
  • Includes jam nuts, bulkhead adapters, mounting tabs, and flare nuts required for 3/8"-24 inverted flare connections
  • Four 18" stainless steel braided AN 3 flexible brake hoses are included to connect your calipers or wheel cylinders
  • A flare tool such as 91089520 or 91089528 will be needed to create 37 degree flares

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway makes plumbing brake lines easy with this steel brake line kit that includes new lines and fittings to make your job less stressful.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 25 Ft. Roll of Speedway 3/16 Inch PVF Coated Steel Brake Line
  • (1) Bag of 6 Right Hand Thread Steel Jam Nuts 3/8"
  • (4) Steel AN3 Straight Bulkhead Adapters
  • (3) Bag of 6 Steel AN3 Tube Nuts
  • (3) Bag of 6 Steel AN3 Tube Sleeves
  • (6) Straight -3 AN Male to 1/8 NPT Male Adapter Fittings
  • (2) Steel -3 AN Straight Bulkhead Tee Adapter Brake Fittings
  • (1) Bag of 5 Weld-On Chassis Tabs, 1 Inch with 3/8 Hole
  • (4) 18" Braided S.S. Brake Lines - Straight AN3

Learn more about flaring lines for our automotive fittings by reading our tech article. The Principles of Automotive Fittings.


Speedway 3/16 Inch PVF Coated Steel Brake Line

Now available for your 3/16" brake line consideration is a new PVF Poly-Armour Poly-Vinyl Fluorine coated brake line. 

  • PVF coating is a highly durable 'plastic' coating that is 'baked and cured' to the line for a durable finish that provides a clean look and appearance with a dark olive green color
  • This provides extra protection from corrosion, debris, and road surfacing solutions
  • Also offers superior bend-ability without kinking and bends easier than standard brake line tubing
  • This makes Poly-Armour the easiest line to work with-period!
  • Underneath the PVF coating is a double-wall, low carbon steel, copper brazed tubing which meets all international and U.S. requirements for brake tubing
  • Considered a premium line, Poly-Armour hard line should be used on any vehicle that will see any type of harsh environment including snow, road treatments, salt, air, dirt/gravel etc.
  • PVF Poly-Armour coated line is the perfect choice for the racer for those weekend after race chassis washes week after week or any street rod fabricator wanting to utilize a hard line application for that beautiful finish that will last for years
  • Available in a 25' roll of 3/16" line
  • This line bends easily and smoothly with hand tools and can be flared with a 37° AN flaring tool, or 45° double flaring tool
  • Use in conjunction with our 3/8"-24 inverted flare male brake line nuts, or AN tube nuts and sleeves


Right Hand Thread Steel Jam Nuts 3/8"

  • Made from premium steel (zinc-coated for corrosion prevention)
  • 3/8 Inch-24 NF Fine Thread
  • Sold in bags of six nuts
  • Right hand thread


Steel AN3 Straight Bulkhead Adapters

  • Straight bulkhead AN 3 steel adapters


Steel AN3 Tube Nuts

  • All steel AN 3 tube nuts
  • The go-to for your custom brake fluid system
  • Provides the best seal utilizing a 37 degree flare to ensure your system stays leak free for many years to come!
  • All steel construction
  • AN 3 Female


Straight -3 AN Male to 1/8 NPT Male Adapter Fittings

  • These steel fittings adapt 1/8" NPT ports to -3 AN line
  • Commonly used in brake systems when converting pipe thread to a 37-degree flare (AN)
  • Useful for plumbing brake line/hose to calipers, inline residual pressure valves, and inline proportioning valves


Steel -3 AN Straight Bulkhead Tee Adapter Brake Fittings

  • These bulkhead tee adapter fittings are manufactured from zinc finished steel to exacting standards for tight, leak-free connections
  • Plumb your racer like a pro with our bulkhead tee adapter fittings
  • TEE bulkhead -3 AN steel adapters
  • -3 AN
  • Steel
  • Male Threads


Weld-On Chassis Tabs, 1 Inch with 3/8 Hole

  • Weld-on tabs for miscellaneous mounting jobs
  • 1" Long, 3/8" Hole, .120" Steel


18" Braided S.S. Brake Lines - Straight AN3

  • Braided stainless covering over a Teflon inner liner
  • Perfect for brake lines, clutch lines and gauge lines
  • Straight AN3 fittings on both ends
  • 18" each in length
  • Zinc Plated Steel Ends




BrandSpeedway Motors
Material TypeSteel
Tube O.D.0.188"
Overall Length25 ft.
AN Size-3 AN
FinishPoly-Vinyl Fluorine (PVF)
Sold in QuantityKit
NotesFittings to calipers and master cylinders are not included.