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Upper and Lower Position, Tubular Control Arm Style

  • Heavy duty tubular design and black powder coated finish is the perfect addition to any resto-mod build
  • New greaseable ball joints come pre-installed and are OEM replacement designs making service parts readily available
  • Greaseable Delrin bushings and spherical bearings virtually eliminate flex and reduce friction to improve handling while remaining squeak free
  • Polyurethane spring pad properly locates the spring and retains the stock ride height
  • Lower control arms have sway bar mounting brackets allowing simple installation of a sway bar to further enhance handling performance

Comes as a Kit

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MFG. Part #91096570
BrandSpeedway Motors
PositionUpper and Lower
Control Arm StyleTubular

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  • Strong tubular construction with durable gloss black powder coat protection
  • Upper control arms feature greasable Delrin bushings and OEM-style ball joints preinstalled
  • Lower control arms utilize spherical bearing with spacers, allowing adjustable strut rods
  • Fits 1965-1970 sedan, coupe, convertible, and station wagon models
  • Control arms can be used with coil springs or with coilover kits
  • Polyurethane coil spring pad included can be shimmed to raise ride height
  • Polyurethane bump stops are included for both upper and lower control arms
  • Includes sway bar end link brackets welded to lower arms to attach end links to
  • Billet steel cross shaft for strength with grease fittings for easy servicing

Improve Your Full-Size Chevy’s Handling with a Bolt-On Control Arm Upgrade

Your ’65-’70 Chevy, be it a base Biscayne or the much sought-after Impala and Super Sport models, uses the same front suspension configuration mounted to a new for 1965 “Girder-Guard” perimeter frame. The production front upper and lower control arms use traditional stamped steel assemblies fitted with a coil spring and a shock absorber for dampening while the single point lower arm used a strut rod for triangulation versus the traditional A-frame design seen on previous Chevy models. These pieces provided a fairly decent ride 60 plus years ago on bias-ply tires. However, today’s world is vastly different. We want our classic cars to handle, fit big disc brakes, and wide sticky rubber. These stock stamped steel control arms can literally flex and fail under the cornering and braking forces applied to them, especially in a track environment and with a heavy full-frame car like the 1965-1970 Chevy Impala. The last thing any enthusiast wants is a part failure that could potentially cause damage to their pride and joy (or worse, cause injuries). Updating your Impala suspension with Speedway Motors’ beefy tubular control arms strengthens and enhances your classic car’s handling.

Stamped Versus Tubular, The Benefits of Our Control Arms Are Obvious

As we stated earlier, a stamped steel control arm invites lots of sloppiness into your suspension due to flexing and twisting. While a stamping is indeed stronger than a flat sheet of metal, tubing is stronger still. So, when creating tubular suspension with steel tubing you greatly increase the rigidity of the product, eliminating that slop from twisting and flexing. What does that mean for you behind the wheel? When it comes to tubular control arms vs stock stamped arms you dive into a corner on our tubular control arms your vehicle will go where you point it to. Getting down on that brake pedal for some extreme braking? Even your brakes will perform better since your tubular control arms aren’t flexing under that hard braking input.

These are the best tubular Impala control arms for full size Chevy suspension upgrades owners will find and feature robust DOM tubing that is fully welded and reinforced and finished in a show-quality gloss black powder coat. Due to the thickness and material diameters these 1965-1970 Chevy Impala control arms do weigh more than the stock stamped Impala control arms, but the small trade off in unsprung weight for the vast increase in strength makes it worth the small weight penalty.

We have fitted greasable Delrin bushings and OE-spec ball joints to our tubular upper control arms with easy access grease fittings to make maintenance a breeze. Billet steel cross shafts are used for strength while the bolt-in ball joints are serviceable with any stock replacement ball joint in the future. Our lower arms feature an OE-style bolt-in ball joint along with a spherical joint with spacers in place of a bushing, which eliminates the issue of the lower control arm alignment eccentric from moving during high suspension loads, which alters your alignment settings. Our lower control arms allow the use of adjustable strut rods, though stock GM strut rods will work with our lower control arms as well. Polyurethane bump stops are included for both upper and lower control arm assemblies and these control arms are compatible with stock-style shock absorbers or can be used with aftermarket coilover shocks. Fitting coilover shocks requires removal of the OE-style shock mounting nuts that are welded to the lower control arm spring pocket. We also recommend our coilover reinforcement plate to ensure the coilover shock is properly supported in the Speedway tubular lower control arms.

A Direct Bolt-In Solution That Is Easy to Install

These full size chevy tubular lower control arms bolt into place using your original control arm’s mounting hardware. Additionally, we have provided a fabricated mounting tab for your factory sway bar end link or if you choose to upgrade your full-size Chevy with an aftermarket front sway bar, such as our 1-1/8-inch sway bar kit. Lastly, we built a deep spring pocket in the stock location of our front lower control arm to allow ride height adjustments by simply adding user-supplied/fabricated shims under the included polyurethane spring pad.

The tubular upper control arms in our kit are a direct bolt-in solution as well using your original fasteners. We offer alignment shims for your upper control arms if your old shims are damaged or you need additional shims to set your alignment to your preferred specifications.

What more could you ask for from a set of bolt-on Speedway 1965 Impala front control arms like these? Your classic car gains increased handling, lower ride height, performance bushings with minimal deflection, and more, all without the cost of upgrading to an aftermarket frame and the major work that entails. Speedway Motors offers plenty of parts for your Impala suspension restoration or modification too!


MFG. Part #91096570
BrandSpeedway Motors
PositionUpper and Lower
Control Arm StyleTubular
Bushing MaterialDelrin
Ball Joint IncludedYes
Bushing IncludedYes
FinishPowder Coated
Sold in QuantitySet