Product Summary

63-72 Chevy, 63-72 GMC, Steel, Powder Coated

  • 3" front and 5" rear drop springs provide the stance you are looking for with an exceptional ride quality
  • New rear spring retainers with hardware is included to replace the rusty stock components
  • Works for 6 cylinder and V8 trucks including small block and big block engines
  • Springs have a durable black powder coated finish to resist corrosion
  • Direct bolt in replacement springs make installation a breeze

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9108606
Hardware IncludedYes
Front Coil Springs IncludedYes
Rear Coil Springs IncludedYes
Rear Leaf Springs IncludedNo

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Speedway Motors 9108606 Details

  • Lowers and levels out your C10 pickup for that “in the weeds” look
  • Springs provide a lowered stance without sacrificing spring rate
  • Lowering provides improved handling and traction with less body roll
  • Proper steering geometry and turning radius is retained
  • All new components provided for easy installation
  • Popular 3/5 drop for that down low stance everyone wants
  • Rear spring retainers included with all new Grade 8 hardware, no rusty fasteners to reuse
  • Lowering kit works on all 1963-1972 C10 pickups no matter engine
  • Not advised to use for heavy C10 applications like Suburbans or panel trucks
  • Springs are powder coated for looks and long life
  • Spring rates are 1,100 lb/in front and 300 lb/in rear
  • Rear spring retainers come primed and ready for your paint or other coating
  • Recommend using shocks designed for lowered applications

Drop Your C10 Correctly Without Losing Ride Quality or Handling

If you wind the clock back to the 1940s and through most of the 1980s, your typical full size pickup truck was designed, built, and used for hauling. Be it delivering products, hauling equipment on a trailer, or just being the trusty farm truck that many of you probably learned to drive with on your grandparents back forty, the humble pickup was never really thought of by the Big Three as a cool ride that could be hot rodded. They were sold as workhorses and that’s what they did. That is until second, and now third generation family members are pulling these old trucks out of their barn-induced hibernation and turning them into some sweet rides to go cruising Main Street USA.

One of the first things classic truck owners do is give their ride an altitude adjustment by dropping it a few inches. The lowered ride height not only looks perfect, but leveling the truck takes a lot of the “work truck” look out of the equation. Not to mention, the lowered stance helps with handling and traction as well. Chevrolet’s immensely popular classic C10 pickup is super-hot with all manner of drivetrain upgrades, interior updates, and more available. Our C10 lowering kit 3/5 drop springs provides that extreme lowering look while being a direct replacement and retaining the stock-like spring rates. Our C10 lowering springs are easy to install. A few hours with a pal and some hand tools and you’ll have your C10 hitting the road looking on point and ready for the next upgrade.

Quality Coil Springs and Retaining Hardware Make Your C10 Drop Easy

Our Chevy C10 lowering kit springs feature high grade steel construction and the front springs begin with 3/4-inch spring wire material. They are wound in a standard fixed spring rate of 1,100 lb/in with factory end pigtails and a free height of 11-inches. These springs provide a 3-inch drop in the front of your C10 and work with stock or aftermarket control arms.

The rear springs in our C10 lowering kit are made from the same high-quality steel but utilize a smaller .600-inch diameter wire (that’s just under 5/8-inch). These rear springs are also designed at a fixed rate and come in at 300 lb/in for a 5-inch drop in the rear of your C10, which levels these trucks out nicely. The free height of our rear springs comes in at 9-inches. Both front and rear springs are provided with a long-lasting gloss black powder coat that will go with any suspension/body/frame color and make the springs easy to keep clean and looking good. The included rear spring retainers ship in primer, ready for your finish painting, powder coating, or other surface protection, and include all new Grade 8 mounting hardware so you don’t have to worry about trying to clean up decades-old hardware with rusty threads or other damage to them. Due to the extreme drop of our rear springs we highly recommend installing a C-notch kit at the same time to provide plenty of frame clearance.

We offer several C10 lowering kits with different drop levels and additional components like shocks, a track bar, and more. Our C10 lowering kit 2/4 drop springs is just one of the many kits we have for the popular Chevy C10 drop kit category. Of course, we also have a full line of sway bars, bushings, and more to completely revamp your suspension while you’re creating your lowered C10 project.

A DIY Project Easily Accomplished with Hand Tools

Dropping your C10 with our C10 lowering kit 3/5 coil springs is a great basic project for a Saturday afternoon with age-appropriate kids or grandkids to help sling some tools with. Using nothing more than hand tools, a floor jack, and some jack stands (don’t forget the tire chocks for additional safety!) you can knock out this spring swap in just a couple of hours. The stock front coil springs do have some tension on them and take a little finesse to work free, but the rear springs practically fall out once you take the weight off them and unbolt the spring retainers. This is a project that will net you better handling and that perfect down low ride height that will make your C10 stand out. Best of all, you know it’s done right because you’re doing it yourself!

Speedway Motors 9108606 Specifications

MFG. Part #9108606
BrandSpeedway Motors
Hardware IncludedYes
Front Coil Springs IncludedYes
Rear Coil Springs IncludedYes
Rear Leaf Springs IncludedNo
Front Shock Struts IncludedNo
Rear Shock Struts IncludedNo
Front Sway Bar IncludedNo
Rear Sway Bar IncludedNo
Tie Rod Sleeves IncludedNo
End Link Bushings IncludedNo
Upper Trailing Arms IncludedNo
Lower Trailing Arms IncludedNo
Panhard Bar IncludedNo
Torque Arm IncludedNo
Upper Control Arms IncludedNo
Lower Control Arms IncludedNo
Front Strut Tower Bar IncludedNo
K-Member Support Brace IncludedNo
Rear Strut Tower Bar IncludedNo
Subframe Connectors IncludedNo
Chassis Stiffener IncludedNo
Calipers IncludedNo
Rotors IncludedNo
Brake Pads IncludedNo
Brake Lines IncludedNo
Wheel Studs IncludedNo
Center Link IncludedNo
Spindles IncludedNo
Inner Tie Rod Ends IncludedNo
Outer Tie Rod Ends IncludedNo
Front Suspension Height3.0 Inch Lowered
Rear Suspension Height5 Inch Lowered
Progressive Rate SpringNo
Material TypeSteel
FinishPowder Coated
Sold in QuantityKit