Product Summary

Bel Air, One-Fifty Series, Two-Ten Series, Nomad, Steel

  • 2-inch column with 5 position tilt provides easy entry/exit and custom driving position
  • Built-in self-cancelling GM turn signal switch with on-column activated hazard flashers
  • GM 3-7/8-inch column wiring plug is compatible with OE (with adapter) and aftermarket chassis harnesses
  • Column shift works with in-dash shift indicator
  • Direct fit bright chrome finish column uses factory upper mounting bracket

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91032993
BrandSpeedway Motors
Column TypeTilt

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  • 2-inch OD column housing, works with factory upper mount
  • Overall length from end of bell to tip of steering shaft is 32 inches
  • Five position tilt mechanism with 30 degrees of total adjustment
  • Integrated GM style self-canceling turn signal switch with 4-way hazards
  • Retains factory in-dash gear selector indicator
  • GM style 10-pin 3-7/8-inch wiring plug connects directly with optional adapter
  • Aftermarket true 1-inch DD output shaft uses commonly available aftermarket U-joints or rag joints
  • Connects to factory steering box with minor modification
  • Accepts any 1969 to 1994 GM steering wheel or GM steering wheel adapter
  • Rich chrome plated housing compliments anyinterior
  • Includes chrome plated turn signal lever, tilt lever, shift lever, and hazard knob

Enjoy the Drive Once Again

In the 1950s a tilt steering wheel was a scarce reality saved for luxury cars and exotics. If you did not fit well between the steering wheel and the seat tough cookies! It does not have to be that way today for your '55-'56 Chevy. Get behind the wheel and drive again in comfort with a Speedway Motors '55-'56 Chevy Tilt Steering Column.

A Premium Tilt Column with All the Features You Want

Old tilt columns are just that-old! Do not waste your time in a salvage yard digging around for a steering column for your project that will undoubtably need a complete rebuild. Not to mention it most likely will be too long or too short for your application.

Using one of our '55-'56 Chevy tilt steering columns is the way to go. This is not just any old aftermarket steering column either. Manufactured with all new parts in a compact design, the small 2-inch diameter steering column tube and compact tilt head that is just 7-inches in length provides copious amounts of leg room while fitting nicely within the dash.

The five-position tilt head allows 30 degrees of tilt, 20 degrees up and 10 degrees down from straight. This tilt function not only provides the perfect angle for personal driving comfort but can facilitate easier ingress/egress with a simple flick of the tilt lever.

Our '55-'56 Chevy tilt steering columns are modeled after the GM 1969-1994 specifications for steering wheel spline, turn signal wiring, and more. An industry standard. We use a 1-inch double-D (DD) steering shaft for connecting to your stock steering box. A 1-inch DD to 3/4-inch DD coupler is required when retaining the stock steering box and the steering box input shaft requires cutting and modification to a ¾-inch DD configuration. For aftermarket steering boxes or rack-and-pinion conversions we offer a multitude of U-joints and steering shaft components to facilitate connecting your new column. We also offer this column in a floor shift version.

Direct Replacement for Your '55-'56 Fixed Column

Our '55-'56 Chevy Tilt Steering Column arrives in a plain steel finish ready to be painted to your specific interior color scheme and ships with cleanly styled chrome-plated control levers for the turn signal switch, tilt mechanism, shift lever, and hazard light switch. If you prefer, we offer our column in a plain version as well. The 2-inch OD column tube allows it to be easily secured to your dash using the original upper mount. We recommend one of the lower mounts listed below to aid in your installation.

The standard GM steering wheel spline means any 1969-1994 GM steering wheel is a direct fit, or you can purchase a steering wheel adapter to aid in fitting your 3-, 5-, or 9-bolt wheel to your new column. Our steering wheel adapter buyer's guide will help you find the proper fit.

Our '55-'56 Tilt Steering Column uses GM steering column wiring connectors. The standard 3-7/8-inch turn signal switch connector even uses stock GM wire color codes. This makes our column a direct plug-and-play electrical connection to any vehicle that has been upgraded with an aftermarket wiring harness. For '55-'56 Chevy vehicles with factory wiring, you can easily adapt your turn signal wiring by installing one of the year specific jumper harnesses, which will also give your Chevy easily accessed column activated hazard lights.

Included with our '55-'56 Chevy column shift application are straight and offset shift arms that will connect and work with most 3- and 4-speed automatics. We even include a factory-style neutral safety/backup light switch at the base of the column! For newer 3- and 4-speed transmissions we offer updated shift indicators, both universal and direct fit in-dash options, for your car.

If the original fixed steering column is preventing you from enjoying your '55-'56 Chevy, then upgrade to our '55-'56 Chevy Tilt Steering Column today and drive your vehicle in comfort. Your knees will thank you for it!


Black-ground for horn
Gray-Left front turn
Blue-right front turn
Brown-power feed from hazard flasher
Purple-power feed from turn flasher
Yellow-Left rear turn
Green-Right rear turn
White-Power feed from brake light switch


MFG. Part #91032993
BrandSpeedway Motors
Column TypeTilt
Mount TypeDirect
Shifter LocationColumn
Key LocationDash
Overall Length32"
Output Shaft Type1" DD Aftermarket
Tube O.D.2"
Material TypeSteel
Sold in QuantityEach
Notes7" from steering wheel mounting point to 2" tube. Wires exit 8.375" below bell shaped housing.