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Front Position, 5 on 4.75" Bolt Pattern, Natural

  • Easily installs 11" rotors and 1969-1977 GM "Midsize" calipers to your '37-'48 Ford passenger car or '37-'47 Ford pickup for increased stopping power
  • Includes new rotors and semi-metallic pads, new bearings and seals, new caliper bolts and calipers, along with caliper mounting brackets, bushings, hardware, and hoses
  • GM 5 x 4-3/4 inch bolt pattern rotor with 2.78-inch hub OD
  • These spindles are modeled after the 37-41 round-back passenger car design and use 37-41 Ford king pins
  • The one piece drop forged design constructed of high strength 4140 steel makes these spindles far superior to original components

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

Bolt Pattern5 on 4.75"
Rotor Diameter11 Inch
Rotor TypeVented
Caliper PistonsOne

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Speedway Motors 9100218 Details

  • Speedway 1928-48 Ford forged spidnles included
  • This kit works with both cast in and bolt-on steering arms without issue
  • Disc brake style wheels are required for proper caliper clearance when upgrading from drum brakes
  • Single 2-13/16-inch piston GM-style "Midsize"calipers use commonly available replacement pads
  • Street friendly organic brake pad compound for long pad and rotor life
  • Performance brake pad upgrades available separately for those wanting increased stopping power
  • Includes everything you need to convert from drum to disc brakes with all new parts
  • 11-inch vented rotors create superior stopping power to drums, especially for heavier cars
  • Rotors feature standard GM 5 on 4-3/4 wheel stud bolt pattern

Add Disc Brakes to Your Straight Axle Hot Rod with Bolt-On Ease

We understand that the traditional straight axle hot rodder is going to want to keep the look of early Ford brakes and their finned drums on their Model A or 32 roadster if at all possible. However, we know there is a large base of builders that want their classic looks but with modern handling, braking, and comfort. Face it, if your hot rod is a miserable ride that will not stop you are not going to want to drive it. We get it. For those enthusiasts, a small amount of leeway in their hot rod's traditional looks is acceptable to make it a fun long-distance cruiser that can be safely operated in today's traffic. One of the top safety upgrades we see is updating these straight axle hot rods with front disc brake kits. Speedway Motors offers several complete disc brake conversion kit options with everything you need to get the job done on your spindles, and if you do not have spindles for your hot rod straight axle setup, well, we have those as well!

Everything You Need and Everything New

Time is our most precious commodity and something that we cannot ever obtain more of. So why waste your valuable time scouring parts stores, junkyards, and Internet forums for DIY "piece it together"disc brake conversion solutions that will only cause you frustration in the garage and lead to further delays and parts searching? Speedway Motors, a leader in street rod parts, understands how important your time is, which is why we have done all the time sensitive research and parts sourcing to build the most complete Model A brake upgrade with our straight axle drum to disc brake conversion kit package for early Ford spindles that works, is easy to install, and does not require you to mortgage a kidney just to buy it!

Our disc brake kit features 11-inch vented rotors that are paired with the popular 1969-1977 GM "Midsize"single piston disc brake caliper. These calipers use a 2.8125 (2-13/16-inch) diameter piston and offer excellent stopping power in a floating caliper design. We include standard organic brake pads, but the caliper can be upgraded with any D52 performance pad of your liking should you desire a bit more pad "bite"in your system. Also included in our kit are new brake fluid hoses, bearings, seals, dust caps, and all mounting hardware. This brake kit will add 8-1/4 inches overall to your straight axle's center-to-center distance of your king pins. Meaning, if you are running a 48-inch axle, your overall width once installed will be 56-1/4 inches. This may be more or less than your current setup depending upon current brake package and wheel spacers. This kit requires a minimum of a 14-inch "disc brake" wheel, however we recommend a 15-inch wheel with a 2.80-inch hub I.D. that is lug-centric for proper clearance.

The caliper mounting brackets provided fit '37-'48 Ford spindles and are quite stout to prevent any caliper flex during hard braking. They are direct fit to the 1942-1948 "square back"Ford spindles. If you have the earlier 1937-1941 Ford "round back"spindles this kit will still fit with some minor clearance work to the spindle to allow the caliper to properly seat to the caliper mounting bracket and not bind up. 

An Easy DIY Installation You Can Complete in Your Home Garage

We have included everything you will need in our Ford straight axle disc brakes conversion kit, right down to the spindle nut with retainer and cotter pin, new bearings, brake hydraulic hoses, and more. With such a complete kit you will have your hot rod's front brakes upgraded and back on the road in no time. The included inner bearing adapter that fits over the spindle requires a small press for installation (or you can heat it up to allow expansion and slip it on that way) and you will need to replace the inner bearing race in the included disc brake rotor with the new race provided. While there are several methods to install the supplied bearing race, the easiest way is with a bearing race and seal driver. It is a very handy tool for removing and installing bearing races and bearing seals. Everything else in the kit will install with traditional hand tools any hot rodder will surely have in their toolbox.

The included brake hoses feature a 7/16-20 thread banjo bolt with sealing washers for the caliper end and standard 3/8-24 inverted female flare for the frame end and your 3/16-inch brake hard line. These brake hoses are 18 inches in length and should work for most applications. However, if you need a different length brake hose to clear four-link style front ends or prefer an AN hose with through-frame fluid line adapters, we have plenty of brake hose options available to suit your specific build style and clearance requirements. Adding disc brakes to your pre-war straight axle hot rod has never been easier thanks to Speedway Motors and the value you get for your money means more budget left over for those T-bucket parts you need!


Kit Includes

(1) Speedway 1928-1948 Ford Forged Spindles w/ King Pins

(1) Disc Brake Bracket Kit for 1937-48 Ford Spindles, Big GM Caliper

(2) 1969-1972 GM Midsize 11 Inch Brake Rotor, 5 on 4 3/4 Inch

(2) 1969-77 GM Midsize Calipers

(1) Speedway Soft Street Organic Brake Pads GM Mid-Size 1969-1977

(2) Wheel Bearing Outer Cone, 3/4", Steel

(1) 1937-1948 Ford Spindle Castle Nuts

(1) Front Disc Brake Hardware Kit


Ford-style spindles are generally your best choice when using an original Ford axle or an aftermarket I-beam axle. This spindle is a reproduction version of the 1937-41 spindle. Ford used the same king pin dimensions and geometry on the 1928-48 axles, therefore you can use any 1937-48 Ford spindle on any 1928-48 car axle.


Speedway Motors 9100218 Specifications

MFG. Part #9100218
BrandSpeedway Motors
Bolt Pattern5 on 4.75"
Rotor Diameter11 Inch
Rotor TypeVented
Caliper PistonsOne
Caliper FinishNatural
Parking Brake ProvisionNo
Minimum Recommended Wheel Diameter15 Inch
Rotor ShapeRound
Hardware IncludedYes
Spindle TypeFord
Front Rotor IncludedYes
Front Caliper IncludedYes
Brake Hoses IncludedYes
Bore Size2.8125"
Rotor Thickness1.05"
Stud Diameter.44"
Stud Length.80"
Thread Pitch7/16"-20
Centerline of Holes7.00"
Sold in QuantityKit
NotesRequired diameter for wheel clearance is 12.6". Spindle centerline to outboard caliper side is 6.3".
Front Suspension TypeStraight Axle
Rotor Material TypeCast Iron
Brake Hose MaterialRubber