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Single Pass Radiator Style, Aluminum, 2 Row Quantity

  • Designed for a Flathead Ford engine in a 1932 Ford chassis and stock height '32 grille shells including stock, reproduction steel and fiberglass shells
  • Two rows of 1" tubes maximizes cooling efficiency and exceeds the cooling capacity of a 4 core copper radiator
  • 100% TIG welded aluminum construction with a furnace brazed core which will not come apart or leak like cheap epoxy bonded radiators
  • Dummy filler neck in the original location provides a stock style appearance but can also be shaved off by the builder for rodder styling
  • Brackets come welded to the radiator for support rods and lower mounts making this a simple bolt in installation

Key Specs

MFG. Part #9173426
Radiator StyleSingle Pass
Radiator Flow DirectionDownflow
Material TypeAluminum

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  • Aluminum construction with fully TIG welded seams
  • 2-row fully furnace brazed core featuring 1-inch tubes
  • Dummy filler neck on top of radiator for original style cap (can be shaved off)
  • 1-3/4-inch Inlets/outlets designed for Ford Flathead engine use
  • Fits 1932 Ford frame and grille shell (original, reproduction, and fiberglass versions)
  • Radiator support rods bracket pre-installed along with OE style mounting brackets
  • Upper and lower tanks are stamped, not fabricated, for an original appearance
  • Includes radiator drain petcock in lower tank
  • Requires external transmission cooler for automatic transmission applications
  • Grille shell mounting tabs welded to radiator to easily secure your 32’s grille shell
  • Exceeds cooling capacity of a similarly sized 4-core copper-brass radiator

Cool Your ’32 Ford’s Flathead with Our Bolt-In Aluminum Radiator

While rocking a classic Ford Flathead V8 in your ’32 Ford is certainly “cool,” keeping it cool (temperature wise) as you head down the road is entirely something else. The early Ford radiator design provides minimal surface area, as the radiator must reside within the car’s grille shell. Hopped up engines, higher operating rpms on today’s roads, and so on, create more heat that a traditional copper-brass radiator cannot handle, creating an overheating situation and ruining your day.

Adding the ’32 Ford engine (or really any year Flathead) to the equation doesn’t help matters, as the block’s exhaust passages must pass between the cylinders to reach the exhaust manifolds, increasing cooling load that the stock cooling system could barely handle when these engines were new. Upgrading to a direct-fit aluminum radiator is a hassle free solution that will cool any Flathead build you can dream up.

Built to Last and Built to Cool Your Flathead

One of the most iconic aspects of the 1932 Ford is the grille shape. There is no mistaking a Deuce when you see one coming at you or parked on the show field. From original steel bodies to reproductions in fiberglass, they all share that beautiful grille shell design, no matter if it is a coupe, roadster, pickup, or is running sans engine panels. That is because these early Fords secure the grille shell to the radiator itself and not the frame. As such, street rod radiators designed for the 1932 Ford need to be able to fit within the confines of the grille shell and provide the proper mounting points for the radiator itself and the upper radiator support rods.

What makes the 1932 Ford styling so revered is also what ultimately hinders cooling once you start upping the engine’s horsepower or attempt to travel at modern road speeds. You can only fit so much radiator inside that grille shell, and we’ve built an aluminum radiator that maximizes cooling efficiency while still retaining the dimensions required to fit within that beautiful grille shell everyone knows and loves.

Using a furnace brazed high-flow core comprised of two 1-inch tubes, the downflow radiator design features press formed top and bottom tanks for an OE appearance that are TIG welded. The efficient 2 row aluminum radiator core has the same thermal transfer rate of a four row copper-brass construction radiator without the fitment issues of such a large core. This is truly the best aluminum radiator for your Flathead Ford-powered ’32!

Designed For Direct Fit In a 1932 Ford Chassis Running Flathead V8 Engines

The high performance radiator features pre-welded radiator mounting tabs designed to work with a traditional radiator mounting kit, a radiator support rods bracket, and grille shell mounting tabs for easy direct-fit installation to your ‘32’s frame and grille shell. Dual 1-3/4-inch radiator tube size inlets and outlets allow for easy connection to your Flathead’s water pumps and thermostat housings/heads and a standard filler neck that accepts our chrome radiator cap are all TIG welded for strength and a life of service. We even welded a dummy radiator filler neck to the top to fit an original style ’32 cap if your grille shell has a provision for it. Otherwise, it can be easily removed with a grinder for non-original look grille shells. Don’t forget to fill your new radiator with some high performance coolant for the best protection too!


MFG. Part #9173426
BrandSpeedway Motors
Radiator StyleSingle Pass
Radiator Flow DirectionDownflow
Material TypeAluminum
Inlet LocationBoth Sides
Outlet LocationBoth Sides
Row Quantity2
Tube Size1.00"
Overall Width Range17.00" to 17.99"
Overall Width17.25"
Overall Height Range27.00" to 27.99"
Overall Height27"
Overall Thickness3.75"
Core Width Range16.00" to 16.99"
Core Width16"
Core Height Range22.00" to 22.99"
Core Height22"
Core Thickness3.00"
Cooling FanNot Included
Transmission CoolerNo
Shroud IncludedNo
Inlet Size1.75"
Outlet Size1.75"
Fan IncludedNo
Radiator Cap IncludedNo
Filler Neck LocationRight Side
Sold in QuantityEach