Product Summary

Universal Fit, Single Pass Radiator Style, Aluminum

  • Buffed aluminum 1917-1923 T-Bucket radiator with cap, seal, and pressure valve
  • Features 2 rows of large 1" tubes for greater flow and capacity to keep your engine running at the optimal temperature - Chevy position outlets, and an auto transmission cooler
  • This aluminum radiator upgrades your old copper unit, giving you more cooling power without sacrificing that hot rod look
  • Uses the decorative "T" cap to seal the filler neck at the top of the radiator just like the originals
  • Hidden pop-off valve, included, is used for pressure control, just like a new style radiator cap would

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

Radiator StyleSingle Pass
Radiator Flow DirectionDownflow
Material TypeAluminum
Inlet LocationUpper driver side
Outlet LocationLower passenger side

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Speedway Motors 9100278 Details

These 1917-1923 T-Bucket radiators are built to work without a grille shell and look good doing it!

Features Chevy position outlets, auto transmission cooler.

  1. The upper neck is left of center about 6".
  2. 4" upper tank thickness, 3" strap thicknes that encases the core, 2.25" core
  3. Uses 2 each 1" wide core tube
  4. Buffed aluminum finish

Learn more about how radiators work and selecting the proper radiator for your vehicle by reading our tech article. Radiator Cooling Performance.


Radiator Kit Includes:


Set of 5 Model T Filler Neck Gaskets


Speedway Radiator Coolant Relief Valve for Non-Pressure Caps

  • Threads into a 1/4" NPT hole in the top radiator tank and it limits the pressure in the radiator to 15 psi
  • The aluminum T-bucket radiator does not use a conventional "pressure" radiator cap, rather it uses the decorative "T" caps to seal the neck at the top of the radiator

Note: The arrow on the valve indicates the flow from the radiator if unit has arrow noted on side of fitting.  If no arrow is noted, the radiator side of the fitting or 'inlet'  side can be identified as the end with the allen hex fitting threaded into the end of the unit.  The oposite end or the smooth bore end on the opposite side is the 'outlet' end or the over flow hose side.


Model T Dog Bone Radiator Cap, Chrome, Undrilled

  • Model T Dog Bone Radiator Cap - reproduction of an original aftermarket accessory that were available during the Model T era
  • Dog bone style makes removing your radiator cap easier by giving you a more convenient area to grip and to twist turn the hot cap, as the arms are outboard and they cool off in the air
  • Fits 1909-1927 Ford Model T radiators
  • Screws into stock filler necks
  • 6.27" long (end to end)
  • Undrilled
  • Cast Chrome finish


Speedway Motors 9100278 Specifications

MFG. Part #9100278
BrandSpeedway Motors
Radiator StyleSingle Pass
Radiator Flow DirectionDownflow
Material TypeAluminum
Inlet LocationUpper driver side
Outlet LocationLower passenger side
Row Quantity2
Tube Size1.00"
Overall Width Range18.00" to 18.99"
Overall Width18.75"
Overall Height Range22.00" to 22.99"
Overall Thickness4.00"
Core Width Range18.00" to 18.99"
Core Width18.38"
Core Height Range16.00" to 16.99"
Core Height16"
Core Thickness2.25"
Cooling FanNot Included
Transmission CoolerYes
Shroud IncludedNo
Radiator Cap IncludedYes
Filler Neck Height2.25"
Inlet Size1.50
Sold in QuantityKit