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Wilwood 140-2115B Rear Brake Kit - Old Big Bearing Ford, 2.36 Offset

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Sold in Quantity:
Bolt Pattern:
Multi: 5 on 5"/4.75"/4.50"
Hardware Included:
Rotor Diameter:
Caliper Pistons:
MFG. Part #:
Rotor Thickness:
Minimum Recommended Wheel Diameter:
15 Inch
Caliper Finish:
Parking Brake Provision:
Rotor Construction:
Garage Sale:
Rotor Location:
Rotor Shape:
Includes rotors, rotor hats, caliper brackets, calipers, pads, and hardware.
Wilwood 140-2115B Rear Brake Kit - Old Big Bearing Ford, 2.36 Offset
Wilwood 140-2115B Rear Brake Kit - Old Big Bearing Ford, 2.36 Offset

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Wilwood 140-2115B Rear Brake Kit - Old Big Bearing Ford, 2.36 Offset



Q & A

What's in the Box

Wilwood FDL Pro-Series rear disc brake kits provide a complete solution for the popularFord big bearingrear axles on applications where parking brake assemblies are not required. Forged billet Dynalite four piston calipers, two-piece hat and rotor assemblies, and high friction pads provide optimized and balanced braking for all types of customized applications.

  • Piston Area (in²): 3
  • 1/8" NPT inlet
  • Minimum Wheel Diameter (in): 15
  • BP-10 Smart pads

These kits do not have emergency brake provisions.

Pro Series Rear Axle Kit Installation Instructions (PDF)

Axle Flange Identification Chart

Exploded Installation Schematic



  • Piston Area (in²): 3
  • 1/8" NPT inlet
  • Minimum Wheel Diameter (in): 15
  • BP-10 Smart pads

Item Details

Big Ford, old style, 2.36" offset

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Braided Stainless AN 12 Inch Brake Line

Braided stainless covering over a Teflon inner liner. These are perfect for brake lines, clutch lines and gauge lines. These have straight AN3 or AN4 fittings on both ends. Sold each.

AN 3 O.D. is .265 and AN 4 O.D. is .305

Select applicable length. AN size is the "-#" at the end of each part number.

Adjustable Proportioning Blocks With Brake Light Switch

This adjustable proportioning block allows you to run lines from the master cylinder to the block and then to the appropriate wheels. What is neat about it is that it also contains the proportioning valve and brake light switch. This dramatically reduces the amount of fittings needed and potential leaks.

The adjustable proportioning valve regulates rear brake pressure, helping to maintain correct brake bias between front and rear brakes. It is designed for dual bowl master cylinders. The distribution block connects to the master cylinder and distributes brake fluid to all four wheels. An easy to turn handle with directional arrows makes it simple to either increase or decrease rear brake pressure.

The block accepts 3/16" brake lines and the inlets and outlets on this unit are 3/8"-24 inverted flare females.  It has two inlets from the master cylinder, two outlets to the front brakes and one outlet to the rear brakes.  It includes five stainless steel 3/16" fittings and wiring pigtail for rear brake light switch. Mounts to any convenient location. This is not a direct factory replacement for original blocks. Some line modifications may be necessary.

910-31358 Instructions (PDF)

Learn more about how adjustable proportioning valves work by reading our tech article. Brake System Selection.  

Straight 3/8 Inch-24 IFF to AN 4 Male Adapters
                        AN male all Steel adapters sold in pairs.
9 Inch Ford T-Bolt Kit w/ Nuts

Everything you need to mount brake backing plates to your new 9" Ford housing. 


  • (8) T-bolts and matching lock nuts
  • 3/8" fine thread
Wilwood 120-6806 Forged Dynalite Caliper, 1.38 Piston / .81 Inch Disc

The Forged Billet Dynalite has wide spread application over many forms over motorsports. It serves as the base model in the majority of Wilwood's Bolt-On Disc Brake Kits. The latest applied developments and innovations in caliper design and manufacturing processes have resulted in substantial improvements in strength and performance over all comparable models.

Get a guaranteed taller pedal and better stopping power with these calipers! New forged design for rotors measuring 10" - 13.06" diameter. Includes 4 stainless steel pistons and a 1/8" NPT inlet. Mounting centers are 5-1/4" apart.

Pads not included.

Catalog Correction:  These calipers will work with 10" - 13.06" O.D. rotors.


Speedway 338 Medium Double Quick Change Brake Pad

Double Quick-Change pads are compatible with our Wilwood Forged Dynalite and Billet Dynalite calipers.

Pads are sold each. (Will need 2 per caliper.)

Tech Tip:  Only use full metallic pads on coated rotors.

Brake Pad Brand Guide (Link)

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