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AFCO 9850-6500 GM Metric Style Brake Rotors 1979 and Up, 5 x 5 Inch

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Material Type:
Cast Iron
Sold in Quantity:
Bolt Pattern:
5 on 5"
Stud Length:
Stud Diameter:
Thread Pitch:
Rotor Diameter:
MFG. Part #:
Rotor Thickness:
Rotor Construction:
Garage Sale:
Rotor Location:
Rotor Shape:
Drilled to fit 5" on 4.75" also.
AFCO 9850-6500 GM Metric Style Brake Rotors 1979 and Up, 5 x 5 Inch
AFCO 9850-6500 GM Metric Style Brake Rotors 1979 and Up, 5 x 5 Inch

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AFCO 9850-6500 GM Metric Style Brake Rotors 1979 and Up, 5 x 5 Inch



Q & A

What's in the Box

These AFCO brake rotors are specifically designed for dirt track applications (not for use on asphalt). They meet OEM sanctioning requirements for Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Hobby Stocks.

  • Wheel studs installed
  • Stock-appearing
  • 10.4" diameter x 1" thickness
  • Races installed
  • Pre-drilled with 5 x 5" pattern

Instructions (PDF)

Item Details

5/8" Coarse studs

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Speedway 1979-Up GM Metric Brake Rotor

This 1979-up GM Metric front disc brake rotor will work with a Set # 6 inner bearing/race which fits most spindles. 5 on 5" with 5/8" coarse studs installed. 10.5" diameter x 1".  Must be used with 912-TS3 outer bearings for 1982-1987 spindle applications.  IMCA Approved.

This is a 1979-1981 Metric GM rotor with the bolt pattern changed to 5 on 5". It can be used on 1982-1987 GM metric spindles if the you use our bearing/seal kit 91031048, or use at least the 1979-1981 style outer bearing 912TS3.

This rotor is designed for dirt track applications and should NOT be used for asphalt racing.


AFCO 9851-8550 GM Rotor Master Install Kit

Get the master install kit or individual accessories!  Master Install Kit Includes:

  • Bearings
  • Seal
  • Washer
  • Nut
  • Pin
  • Dust Cap
Wilwood 160-9239 HP Modified Hub/Rotor, Vented w/Studs, 10.50 Inch
  • New castings
  • Exact tolerances
  • Come standard with races and 5/8” coarse wheel studs installed
  • 5 on 5” bolt pattern
  • GM Metric rotor is 10.50” diameter by 1.00” thick and fits the 1979 and up GM spindles
DRP 007 10521S 1979-Up GM Metric Spindle Pre-Load Bearing Spacers
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  • Allows your front hubs to be tight with minimal drag and side pre-load
  • Easy adjust threaded sleeve and set screw ensure you'll never worry about an over-tightened front hub again
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Wheel Stud Drill Bit

43/64" wheel stud drill bit with 1/2" shank. Used to drill out hubs and axle flanges for 5/8" wheel studs with .685 knurl diameter.