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Tru-Lite Titanium One Nut Style Radius Rod Kits

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Tru-Lite Titanium One Nut Style Radius Rod Kits

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Tru-Lite's one nut radius rod plus drag link and tie rod kit will fit most Sprints. Kit includes 36 pieces.

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Apply Pro-Blend anti-seize directly to any metal surface that may gall or seize due to heat, pressure, torque loading or shock. Excellent in environments of gas, alcohol, water, solvents, dirt, sand, and grit.

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Tru-Lite Titanium One Nut Style Radius Rod Kit
(Part #9401057)
                        Titanium. 24 pieces. 
Tru-Lite Titanium One Nut Tie Rod-Drag Link Kit
(Part #9401059)

Titanium one nut tie rod/drag link 12 piece kit.

  • Thread size is .495-.497 or ½” x 20 threads per inch
  • Threaded end is 1-3/32” long
  • Shouldered end is 1” long
  • Comes with the ¾” thin nylock nuts
16 Pc. Spacer Kit
(Part #94004016)
                        Use these 1/2" ID spacers to allow rod ends to swivel.  Great for tie rod, drag link, rear shocks, and pitman arm.  Four lengths are included.
Speedway Sprint Steel Bolt Kit
(Part #94011110)

This 227 piece kit outfits the entire car and will fit most brands. Kit contains both silver and yellow zinc plated fasteners without head markings. All bolts are rated at or beyond 120,000 PSI proof load.

Includes a placement list for all hardware.

940-11110 Instructions (PDF)