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Spike Chassis 252070 Midget Chassis 12 Inch Radiator Box

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Spike Chassis 252070 Midget Chassis 12 Inch Radiator Box

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Spike radiator tray for 12" wide radiators. This component is designed for use with the Spike Midget Radiator 950-34210 (at right).

Note: This box will not work with other radiator brands w/o major modifications.

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Honeycomb Radiator Protector, 19 x 26 Inch
(Part #91734215)

Place directly in front of radiator and let it take the beating instead of your expensive aluminum radiator. Made of rigid Nomex material, which is lightweight but very strong. This is the same stuff the Outlaws use! Some guys have raced a whole season with one honey comb protector. Usage will vary depending on track conditions.

  • Honeycomb wall thickness is .001" to .002"
  • Can be trimmed to fit
  • Works great for street vehicles as well
Spike Chassis 005-2062 Aluminum Expansion Tank
(Part #95015710)

Lightweight aluminum expansion tank from Spike Chassis. 16oz capacity.

Height of tank is 6.75" and the diameter is 2.5". The bracket adds 3/4" to the width. Fittings needed include: 3/8" on bottom, 1/8" on side. The mounting bracket has holes for two screws as well as permanently attached nuts. Uses standard radiator cap, which is not included.

Learn more about cooling with recovery systems and how they work by reading our tech article. Cooling System Principles.   

Spike Midget Radiator
(Part #95034210)

These Spike Midget radiators have three 3/8" pipe inlet bungs.  1-1/2" outlet.  Double pass with bleeder ports.  11-3/4" x 17".

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