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Speedway Small Block Chevy Solid Lifters

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Mechanical/Solid Roller
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Speedway Small Block Chevy Solid Lifters

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Any time you put in a new cam, you must use new lifters!

Mechanical lifters feature precision ground bodies for long life and durability. For engines that require top end oiling through the lifter.

Our lifters feature precise oil metering to ensure proper lubrication of the rocker arms and related components, while eliminating excess oil to the rest of the valve train. All 1955-86 Chevy V8. Set of 16.



Customer Reviews

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Topeka, KS, USA

they work well

April 03, 2015
The fit and condition of the lifters are as good as any
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Verified Purchaser
Dennison, OH, USA

awesome lifters @ low price

April 27, 2013
Great lifters @ a low price cant beat this deal with a stick
No, I would not recommend this product.
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racer X
Verified Purchaser

quality lifter

April 09, 2011
Worked great for me. We ran third... first time out with new engine.
  • Durable
  • Easy To Install
No, I would not recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

1 questions : 1 answers

1 answers

I have a Summit racing Camshaft for hydrualic lifters I am wondering will thise solid lifter still work with my camshaft?

January 14, 2012

I have a Summit racing Camshaft for hydrualic lifters I am wondering will thise solid lifter still work with my camshaft?


January 16, 2012
You will want to use hydraulic lifters, part #28284000, 6118178 or 180652394. The idea of mixing solid lifters with hydraulic cams (and vice versa) is not a new one. Camshafts are the orchestrators of valvetrain movement and are designed to work within specific limits. Using a hydraulic camshaft, which relies upon the oil "cushioning" effect provided by hydraulic lifters, with solid lifters has repeatedly proven a bad idea. As with most things in any mechanical device, it's always best to use the recommended parts with the components for which they were designed. Read more: Can You Use Solid Lifters on Hydraulic Cams? |
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  • Precision-ground crown radius and surface finish to promote performance camshaft compatibility and high-rpm durability
  • Lightweight design and premium one-piece pushrod seat provide an extended rpm range
  • Precision-machined and accurately located oil band to yield a consistent, properly metered oil flow
  • Designed for elevated, race application valve spring pressures
  • Ideal for high-end street and race engines
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With the increased rpm, additional spring pressure and aggressive cam designs of today’s performance engines, premature cam wear is a major problem. COMP Cams has answered the challenge with the new Oil Injection solid mechanical lifters that feature a precision 0.012” oil feed hole in the cam face. The added oiling capacity creates a boundary layer that protects both the lifter and cam lobe from excessive wear.  

COMP Cams lifters are manufactured to the highest standards and when used with their oil additive, will give you the best results.

Item Details

w/ .012" hole on lifter face.
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COMP Cams 159-12 Engine Break-In Lube Oil Additive
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ZDDP-enhanced Engine Break-In Lube Oil Additive from COMP Cams provides maximum engine life while also allowing it to reach its full performance potential. It does so by improving the surface mating of valve train components (especially flat tappets), rotating assembly, rod journals, piston rings, valve guides and other vital areas of the engine. This proprietary break-in lube formula includes the optimum amount of critical additives ZDDP (Zinc & Phosphorus), Molybdenum, detergents and high grade base oil.

The multi-viscosity, mineral-based COMP Cams Engine Break-In Oil Additive is fully-formulated and requires no additives or supplements. In addition, the oil is fully compatible with gasoline, methanol and high octane racing fuels.

Champion Racing Oil 4111H 20W-50 Synthetic Engine Oil
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  • High levels of zinc (ZDDP) anti-wear additive
  • Dyno proven to increase horsepower by reducing friction
  • Offers film strength and viscosity stability at higher temperatures
  • Formulated for the protection of flat tappet cams, roller cams and bearings in turbo and supercharged racing engines
  • Increases high-temp oil pressure and compression
  • Compatible with all racing fuels including methanol
  • Provides upper cylinder anti-wear protection
  • Reduces engine oil temperature
  • Compatible with other petroleum and synthetic oils

Ideal for sprint cars, midgets, stock cars, dragsters and other extreme-duty applications. Also works great for breaking in new engines.