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Speedway Chrysler Type Multi-Leaf Spring, 175 Lb. Rate

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Material Type:
Overall Width:
Sold in Quantity:
Number of Leafs:
Spring Height (Underside):
Length Eye to Eye:
Spring Rate:
Garage Sale:
Leaf Spring Eye Type:
Standard Eye
Spring Location:
True Arch:
Front Eye I.D.:
Rear Eye I.D.:
Front bushing to locating pin is 20-1/2". Rear bushing to locating pin is 35".
Speedway Chrysler Type Multi-Leaf Spring, 175 Lb. Rate
Speedway Chrysler Type Multi-Leaf Spring, 175 Lb. Rate
Speedway Chrysler Type Multi-Leaf Spring, 175 Lb. Rate
Speedway Chrysler Type Multi-Leaf Spring, 175 Lb. Rate

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What's in the Box

Speedway circle track racing multi-leaf Chrysler-type springs offer consistent quality at a great price! These leaf springs feature a 4-leaf design and are made from premium spring steel. Leaf ends are diamond cut and include slider pad inserts to reduce friction. Includes rubber front bushing. 

Made in the U.S.A.

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Item Details

Front Bolt: 5/8" Rear Eye: 1"
Approx Lbs/Inch: 175
True Arch: 6.5

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Hyperco 10203 Chrysler Composite Leaf Spring, 175 Lb. Rate
(Part #44410203)

Hyperco Composite Leaf Springs are significantly lighter than steel, retain their design arch, and provide more side bite off the corner. The Hyperco CLS is truly a cost effective, high performance alternative to steel. It allows teams running leaf springs to be consistent night after night without having to constantly measure, monitor and change their springs for loss of arch / sagging. The initial cost is a value based on the incredible service life. Leave the steel on the street, hook up with the Hyperco CLS performance advantage.

  • On average 70% lighter than steel
  • No sagging or chassis inconsistency
  • More durable = greater value
  • Quicker off the corner compared to steel springs

Composite Spring Dimensions (GIF)

Landrum Spring 20-230SPD Chrysler Type Multi-Leaf Spring, 175 Lb. Rate
(Part #91720230SP)

Landrum circle track racing leaf springs are the finest and most consistent springs that we carry. Landrum leaf springs contain not only chrome vanadium, they also have the correct mixture of carbon, manganese, silicon, nickel, molydenum and tungsten.

  • Extra heavy duty clench system prevents inconsistent side bite
  • Teflon inserts to prevent inter-leaf friction
  • Diamond trimmed leaves maintain a more consistent spring rate than tapered end leaves
  • Closest arch tolerance in the racing industry

Landrum Spring Rate Chart (GIF)

AFCO 20231HD Chrysler Type Multi-Leaf Spring-166 Lb. Rate, 5 Inch Arch
(Part #10620231HD)

Racers using leaf springs realize the importance of accurate arch, load capacity and durability. AFCO leaf springs are the highest quality racing springs available and give you features not available in any other leaf spring. These multi-leaf springs are constructed from high-quality chrom-vanadium steel and set to actual arch following the closest standards in the racing industry. The springs are then heat-treated to provide long life. The final process includes shot-peening to relieve stress in the materials.

  • Chrom-vanadium alloy spring steel material is superior to others and provides consistent rates over a longer life span
  • Teflon rub blocks between leafs reduces friction and maintains consistency of rate
  • Tapered leafs reduce stress by 30-40%, prevents loss of arch
  • Front bushing included
  • Shot-peened after arching to reduce tensile stress, provides 3-5 times more service life to the spring
  • Fits 1966-74 Mopar B body cars
  • Car Weight: 2800-3200 lbs
  • Arch: 6-5/8"
  • Nominal Rate: 166
  • Popular choice rate for stock replacement is 142, 4" arch (20230)

Front bushing included.

AFCO Spring Rate Chart (GIF)

AFCO 20231HDRF Chrysler Reinforced Front Segment Leaf Spring - 166 lb
(Part #10620231HDRF)

This is traction you can feel! AFCO builds these springs with a new secondary leaf design that provides improved forward bite, quicker throttle response and improved durability. The springs also reduce wheelbase variations during braking and acceleration to improve overall handling consistency.

  • Fits 1966-74 Mopar B body cars
  • Car Weight: 2800-3200 lbs
  • Arch: 6-5/8"
  • Nominal Rate: 166
  • Popular choice rate for stock replacement is 142, 4" arch (20230)
Chrysler/Pinto Leaf Spring Bushings
(Part #91043255)

Polyurethane bushing set for Chrysler-type rear leaf spring eye. Accepts a 9/16" bolt. Overall length is 1-3/8" including the shoulder, which is 3/16".

One pair of these leaf spring bushings services one rear spring eye.


Nylon Blocks for Standard Leaf Spring Sliders
(Part #91043304)

Long-wearing nylon blocks keep the car from binding up during suspension movement. Standard sliders require periodic replacement of nylon slider blocks.

Speedway Heavy Duty Chrysler Type Leaf Spring Sliders
(Part #91043306)

Leaf spring sliders bolt on in place of shackles. Heavy duty versions feature roller bearings that keep car from binding up during suspension movement. Comes with brass bushing for 1" I.D. spring eye.

Designed for Chrysler type mono-leaf and multi-leaf racing springs. They must be altered and modified to work with the Camaro/Nova/Firebird leaf springs.

  • Eliminates "jacking" problem associated with loading & unloading of the shackles
  • Helps maintain consistent spring rate for predictable handling
  • More rigid than typical shackle/bushing combination
  • Requires periodic lubrication of the bearings

Leaf Spring Slider Tech (GIF)