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Small Block Chevy Louvered Windage Tray

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Small Block Chevy Louvered Windage Tray

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What's in the Box

For S/B Chevy. Provides drain-back path for oil thrown from crankshaft during normal bearing lubrication. Replica of early Corvette windage tray.

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Small Block Chevy Windage Tray, Stainless Steel
(Part #91015101)

Screen style oil windage tray for S/B Chevy engines using a stock style pan with rear sump. Ready to install. Fits 2 or 4 bolt main blocks.

Fit the standard "medium" journal blocks which would be typical late 302, 305, 307, 327 and 350 blocks.


Small Block Chevy Aluminum Windage Tray
(Part #91015102)

Bolt-in replacement, louvered windage tray for S/B Chevy champ style pan. Add horsepower and lower oil temperatures.

Works great with pan 91015108 when replacing the steel plate bolted to the bottom of the pan.

Fits in pan 91015137 but there is no way to attach the tray. Will need to come up with a way to mount it in the pan.

Fits with pan 91015106 but it doesn't fit the existing bolt pattern and would require a new way to mount as well as removing the studs in the pan.

Note: Not applicable to # 91015104 champ style pan.

Speedway Small Block Chevy Main Cap Studs, Set of 5
(Part #91015090)
                        Stock extended style main cap studs. Used to mount windage trays. Small Block Chevy. Set of 5.
Small Block Chevy Main Cap Baffle
(Part #54523000)
                        Keeps sump oil from reaching crankshaft. Mounts between pump and main cap. Requires trimming. 
Speedway Small Block Chevy Crankshaft Wiper
(Part #54525800)

Removes excess oil from the crankshaft to improve top end horsepower and reduce windage. Fits Small Block Chevy. Mounts to the starter side of the block.

Slight trimming may be required. For best results, trim to within .045" of the rods and counterweights.