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  • Painless Wiring 60502 1992-1997 GM LT1 Engine Harness
    Painless Wiring 60502 1992-1997 GM LT1 Engine Harness
                Take advantage of GM's electronic engine management system with this Painless Wiring Harness. Complete stand alone harness allows you to install late model GM fuel injected engine and correct computer into almost any chassis. Harness includes all connections needed for fuel injection and transmission operation: ECM, Ignition Module, IAT, CTS, Coil, Left & Right O2, EGR, MAP, IAC, Knock, Air Pump Relay, MAF, Fuel Pump Relay, Canister Purge Solenoid, VSS and 4L60E Transmission. 

    Harness includes its own fuse block with ignition relays. 4 feet of harness between ECM connections and main engine breakout gives ample room for custom installation and mounting of ECM behind dash, in the kick panel or glove box.

    Besides the obvious economy and driveability benefits, check out these other great features that make it easy and painless to install:
    • Foolproof factory connections
    • ALDL (diagnostic) plug
    • Computer controlled fuel pump provision
    • GM color code
    • Closed loop design

    1992-1997 GM LT1 Wiring Instructions (PDF)

  • Speedway 1994-1997 LT1 Engine Wiring Harness
    Speedway 1994-1997 LT1 Engine Wiring Harness

    Take the fear out of electronic fuel injection! These engine wiring harnesses are designed to make your engine transplant effortless. Each new harness contains in-depth application-specific instruction sheets, clearly marked factory GM connectors, labeled GXL jacketed wire, GM color coding, and pre-fitted corrugated slit loom for an extra value and professional look. All un-needed emissions wiring is eliminated to make the install as simple and reliable as possible.

    1994-1997 LT1 From Roadmaster, Camaro, Corvette, or Cadillac

    • Made from premium grade GXL jacketed automotive wire
    • Most wiring is larger gauge than stock application for durability
    • No splices to reduce points of failure
    • All primary grounding is done at the head or block and grounding points are isolated from each other to reduce electrical interference and minimize ground looping
    • Harness wiring matches GM wiring configuration and jacket colors follow GM color coding for easy identification
    • All electrical connectors are made by Delphi or Packard and are direct fit for GM cars and trucks
    • Can be installed to run engine in 20 minutes, but figure 4-6 hours for a professional installation
    • OBD2 diagnostic port for connection to scanners and tuning tools
    • Made in the USA.