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  • Weld-On Shock Eye For Tie-Rod Shocks, Triangular
    Weld-On Shock Eye For Tie-Rod Shocks, Triangular

    Weld-on 5/8" diameter tapered hole. Required for mounting early Ford 1937-48 tie rod ends. Hole has a 7° taper. Center of shock hole is 7/8" from base.

    This item will accept tie rod end kit 535-AK35 and also 916-36055-PINTO tie rod adapter stud.

  • Speedway Corvair Pitman Arm
    From: $49.99
    Product Rating: 4.50 Stars
    Speedway Corvair Pitman Arm

    This is our forged 'new design' Corvair pitman arm. It measures approximately 7" end to end, approximately 5-3/8" from the center of the big hole to the center of the small hole. The arm has a side-to-side offset approximately 1-7/8". The small hole fits an early Ford tie rod end (such as our 910-02909) and it is half tapered from both sides so that the drag link can be mounted from either side.



  • Ford Flat Plate Steering Arms, Plain
    Ford Flat Plate Steering Arms, Plain

    For cross steering when using 1937-48 Ford spindles. These have 5/8" hole for spherical rod end use only.

    Note: Uses a 48" eye to eye tie rod link when used with a 48" wide axle / Ford spindle.

    Steering Arm Ends Guide (GIF)

    Cross Steering Guide (GIF)

  • 1928-1948 Ford Straight Axles
    From: $269.99
    1928-1948 Ford Straight Axles

    Our plain steel tube axles are universal-fit, and professionally engineered & built. Features welded ends which require 1937-41 Ford style spindles. Choose from 44"-50" widths (kingpin center-to-center), or order a custom length to fit your needs. 

    • Axle Tube:  0.250" wall
    • Axle Diameter: 2.00" O.D.

    Gasser Build Info (PDF)