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Quartz Halogen Headlight Conversion Kit

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Quartz Halogen Headlight Conversion Kit
Quartz Halogen Headlight Conversion Kit
Quartz Halogen Headlight Conversion Kit
Quartz Halogen Headlight Conversion Kit

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a kit.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Are you wanting to run a set of vintage headlights on your car or truck, but are wondering how to make them work again? This kit will solve the problem! Simply remove the existing socket from the reflector and drill out the hole to 1" in diameter. Then install the new 12 volt H-4 quartz halogen bulb into your reflector and secure it with the included press nut and retainer clip. After wiring up the new connectors, you'll be ready to ride.

Complete kit comes with 2 halogen bulbs, adaptors, hardware and instructions. Fits most stock headlights.

  • Keep factory/vintage appearance with greatly improved lighting
  • Convenient solution for 6 volt to 12 volt electrical system upgrades
  • Features modern H-4 quartz halogen bulbs
  • 60 watt high beam, 55 watt low beam
  • Fits most headlight housings

911-21001 Instructions (PDF)

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