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Mustang II Outer Tie Rod End, Manual Version

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Sold in Quantity:
Thread Length:
Stud Length:
Stud Diameter:
Degree of Taper:
7 degree
Center Hole to End of Shank:
Mustang II Outer Tie Rod End

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Outer tie rod and inner extension fits left or right, attaches steering rack to spindles. Fits both manual Mustang II and 1982-1988 T-Bird power racks.

  • 9/16"-18 R/H female thread
  • 3.40" long from stud centerline to end

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                        This rack & pinion mount bushing fits both power and manual Mustang II/Pinto racks.
Mustang II Extended-Length Outer Tie Rod End
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Outer tie rod fits left or right, attaches steering rack to spindles. Fits both manual Mustang II and 1982-1988 T-Bird power racks. Measures 1.5" longer than stock outer tie rod end.

Mustang II and T-Bird Rack and Pinion Inner Tie Rod Extensions
(Part #91034345)

Inner tie rod extensions for Mustang II/Thunderbird-style steering racks. Includes boots and bands.  These inner tie rod extensions fit between the inner shaft of the rack and the pivot where the tie rod attaches. It moves the pivot out to align with the pivot on the lower control arm or the imaginary line between the upper pivot and the lower control arm pivot. In doing so it leaves the tie rod in plane with the lower control arm and preserves correct steering geometry.

The manual version does NOT have the holes for roll pins and Loctite is recommended. The power version is similar to the OEM and has 3 holes and include drift or roll pins for retention.

Manual version (MAN) fits

  • Flaming River manual racks
  • Maval manual racks

Power version (POW) fits

  • Mustang II power racks
  • 1982-88 Thunderbird power racks
9/16 Inch Fine Thread Tie Rod Nuts
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Hex head 9/16"-18 fine thread nuts for use with Mustang II rack & pinion tie rod ends.

Sold in pairs.

Pro-Blend 1720 Anti-Seize Compound
(Part #91016009)

Apply Pro-Blend anti-seize directly to any metal surface that may gall or seize due to heat, pressure, torque loading or shock. Excellent in environments of gas, alcohol, water, solvents, dirt, sand, and grit.

  • Defies contact of dissimilar or like metals
  • Not affected by heat, moisture, salt water, or corrosion

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