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MSD 8362 Street Fire Chevy V8 GM HEI Distributor

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Sold in Quantity:
Trigger Style:
Magnetic Pickup
Advance Type:
Mechanical/Vacuum Option
Cap Terminal Style:
HEI / Male
Mechanical Tach Drive:
Slip Collar:
Gear Material:
Rotor Rotation:
MFG. Part #:
Ignition Box Required:
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MSD 8362 Street Fire Chevy V8 GM HEI Distributor

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Street Fire is a new division of MSD Ignition aimed at delivering high quality and great value.

So don't let the low price of this Street Fire HEI Distributor fool you - it still has rock-solid features like coated centrifugal advance weights, welded weight pins, brass cap terminals, adjustable vacuum advance and the same stout drive gear used on MSD's premier Pro-Billet distributors.

By using all-new heavy duty components throughout, MSD can give the Street Fire a full one-year warranty.

547-8362 Instructions (PDF)

MSD Rebate (Link)



Inlcudes 4-Pin Module.

Customer Reviews

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Kennesaw, GA, USA
Product Rating

Excellent distributor

September 03, 2013
My old dizzy with Crane module failed, so I bought the MSD Streetfire. Easy install, works great, car idles smoother and pulls harder than ever. Highly recommended.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

6 questions : 6 answers

is this for a 1989 tune port ?

1 answers
March 13, 2015

is this for a 1989 tune port ?


March 16, 2015
Yes, this MSD distributor will work in place of a stock HEI distributor in your 1989 tuned port.

What are the power specifications What is the voltage out put of the unit? How many RPM will it make power to?

1 answers
Washington, GA 30673, USA
October 18, 2014

What are the power specifications What is the voltage out put of the unit? How many RPM will it make power to?


October 20, 2014
Sorry MSD does not specify an output voltage or a maximum RPM of this distributor.

will this distributor work with pro comp multiple spark cdi ignition ?

1 answers
July 04, 2013

will this distributor work with pro comp multiple spark cdi ignition ?


July 05, 2013
The Pro comp multi spark cdi ignition advertises to work with any distributor. On the HEI the coil is in the cap and you will need to wire per Pro Comp instructions.

Does it come with the melonized gear?

1 answers
February 24, 2013

Does it come with the melonized gear?


February 25, 2013
The MSD street fire HEI distributor comes with a melanized gear

I have a 1969 327 that I currently use a later Chevy HEI distributor in it. Is this MSD Strret Fire distributor a direct replacement for it.

1 answers
March 10, 2012

I have a 1969 327 that I currently use a later Chevy HEI distributor in it. Is this MSD Strret Fire distributor a direct replacement for it.


March 14, 2012
This is a direct replacement for the stock HEI in your small block Chevy engine. All it needs is power from the ignition and has the terminal for tach hook up.

does it come with the coil?

1 answers
May 04, 2012

does it come with the coil?


May 07, 2012
Yes, the coil is included with distributor
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MSD 8225 HEI High Performance Direct Replacement Coil
(Part #5478225)

HEI owners now have a choice to replace their stock coil with the MSD High Energy Unitized Coil for GM HEI Distributors. This coil is a direct re­placement of the stock coil. The coil features special low induc­tance, high temperature windings which charge faster to give you increased spark energy at higher rpm. The premium epoxy filled construction is designed to withstand harsh race applications as well as the wear and tear that daily usage dishes out, and still deliver more spark energy to the spark plugs.

  • Direct performance replacement for GM HEI coil-in-cap distributors
  • 70:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output
  • Full power sparks to 9,000 RPM when used with 8364 MSD HEI Module
  • Recommended for use with MSD HEI Module PN 8364

MSD Rebate (Link)

Speedway Blueprinted SBC/BBC Chevy HEI Distributor
(Part #91012342)

This HEI distributor for S/B and B/B Chevy non-computer controlled engines features a...

  • 4-pin ignition module rated to 7500 rpm
  • Premium cap with brass terminals
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.249"
  • High output coil (50,000 volt spark through 7,500 rpm) 
  • 4340 chromoly steel bottom gear, for use with cast and steel billet cams 
  • Mechanical advance
  • Adjustable vacuum advance to improve economy while cruising
  • High performance rotor
  • Coil cover
  • Fully CNC machined, polished housing
  • True spark alignment for instant response at high RPM
  • Performance style advance curve built in

910-12342 Instructions (PDF)

MSD 8410 Replacement HEI Rotor
(Part #5478410)

Replacement rotor with brass contact. For Chevrolet HEI Style distributors.

547-8410 Instructions (PDF)

MSD Rebate (Link)

MSD 8411 Replacement HEI Distributor Cap
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Replacement GM HEI distributor cap with low-resistance brass terminals. Rynite construction for superior voltage insulation.

MSD Rebate (Link)

MSD 84111 Extreme Output GM HEI Distributor Cap
(Part #54784111)
                        With the introduction of our 20 Amp Extreme HEI Module, we needed an HEI Cap and Rotor that could withstand the high output. The answer was to mold our own HEI Cap, Rotor and Coil Cover. The Cap and Rotor will fit our HEI Pro-Billet Distributor, PN 8365,
  • Absolutely the most powerful HEI Module available.
  • 32 Mhz controller manages the extreme current for full output at racing rpm.
  • Adjustable rev limiter from 5,000 “ 10,000 rpm.
  • Built-in Traction Control Detection technology.
  • Independent tach output lea
MSD 84101 Extreme Output Rotor, GM HEI
(Part #54784101)
                        Extreme Output Rotor for MSD HEI and GM HEI.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

  • Extreme output rotor
MSD 84022 Extreme HEI Coil Cover
(Part #54784022)

Replacement coil dust cover for MSD Extreme Output HEI Kit # 547-8502. Made from DuPont Rynite.

MSD Rebate (Link)


MSD 8728 Soft Touch Rev Limiter Control for HEI
(Part #5478728)

The Soft Touch Rev Control, PN 8728, is designed to be used on standard points ignition or inductive ignition systems. This means that the PN 8728 can be installed on engines with a GM HEI Ignition, Ford or Chrysler electronic ignition, any standard breaker points systems or even with an MSD 5 or Blaster Ignition (non-CD ignitions). The RPM Limiter is adjusted with plug-in modules and is supplied with 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 rpm modules. When the engine reaches your set rpm, the Soft Touch circuitry kicks in and drops the spark to certain cylinders. This rpm limiter produces very accurate and smooth, backfire-free rev limits.

  • Can be used on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines with inductive ignitions
  • Adjusted with plug-in modules
  • Includes 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 rpm modules
  • No MSD ignition control box required

547-8728 Instructions (PDF)

MSD Rebate (Link)

MSD 8402 HEI Distributor Coil Cover
(Part #5478402)
                        HEI Distributor coil cover.
    MSD 84023 HEI Extreme Cap and Rotor Kit
    (Part #54784023)
                            The cap and rotor of any ignition system must be considered mainte­nance items. Just as you change the oil and filter of your car, you should always replace the cap and rotor as a set. To make things easy, we now offer these Cap and Rotor Replacement Kits

    Installation Instructions (PDF)

    • Includes PN 84111, 84101, 84022
    Performance Distributors 111111 Battery and Tachometer Connector
    (Part #91013201)

    These plastic insulators and brass terminals make your power supply connection and tach connection to the DUI Distributor super easy! They plug directly into the cap and coil assembly and the locking tabs prevent lost connections due to vibration. The Battery and Tachometer Connectors are priced separately so one of each will be needed for the hot wire and tach hookup.

    Accel 170072 HEI Wiring Pigtail
    (Part #105170072)

    Finally, a dual HEI connector for GM HEI “Coil In-Cap”. The Dual HEI Connector helps clean up your engine bay by eliminating the use of single spade connectors to make battery and tachometer connections. Also holds the 12 volt and tachometer wires securely in place. Made from hi-temperature durable plastic to withstand all extreme conditions of an engine bay. The easily seen, 10” long, red and green wires identify battery and tachometer.

    • Wire your HEI distributor like the factory
    • Red and green wires identify battery and tach leads
    • 10" long