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Lokar TC-1000TP36 GM TPI Throttle Cable, 36 Inch

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Lokar TC-1000TP36 GM TPI Throttle Cable, 36 InchLokar TC-1000TP36 GM TPI Throttle Cable, 36 Inch
Lokar TC-1000TP36 GM TPI Throttle Cable, 36 Inch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

36" cut-to-fit braided stainless cable with special end required to attach to GM Tuned Port Injection units.

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Lokar KD-2350TP GM TH350 Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable Kit, Tuned Port
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Lokar's "U-Cut-to-Fit" Hi-Tech Turbo 350 Kickdown Cable features a stainless steel braided housing and aluminum fittings with ferrule to eliminate frayed cable ends. these TH350 kickdown cables are designed with a specially extruded liner for extended life of the cable – not to be confused with ordinary brake hose.

Complete instructions included in kit.

GM Hi-Tech Kickdown Cable Installation Instructions (PDF) 

Lokar KD-2700TP 700R4 Tuned Port Hi-Tech Kickdown Kit
(Part #4912700)

*Fits vehicles using Tuned-Port engines only.

Lokar makes these kits with PTFE-lined cables for extended life. These 700R4 transmission kickdowns feature aluminum fittings and ferrules to eliminate frayed ends.  Adaptable to all types of manifolds including tunnel ram, blower manifolds and multi-carbureted systems.

Lokar TCB-40TP2 GM TPI Throttle Cable Bracket
(Part #49140TP2)
                        Use this bracket to attach the hi-tech throttle and kickdown cable to your GM Tuned Port Injection unit.