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Jet Phantom Stock Car Chassis

Jet Phantom Stock Car Chassis

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The Jet Phantom chassis stock car is based on the GM metric chassis. The shells for these cars are the "G" metric body styles of the 1978-1988 era. It comes as pictured with the roof and rear quarters, however the body style may vary with what we have in stock at the time.

We offer three different Jet Phantom kits: Stock Car Chassis Kit, Front Suspension Kit, Steering Components Kit, and Rear Suspension Kit.

916-76090 Jet Phantom Stock Car Chassis is fully welded and Includes:
  • Bumper Brackets
  • Fender Mounts
  • Radiator Mounts
  • Weight Jack Mounts
  • Column Mount
  • Pedal Bracket
  • Seat Mount
  • Shock Mounts
  • Battery Box
  • Fuel Cell Mount
Body styles vary

We offer these three different Jet Phantom kits.
916-76070 Jet Phantom Front Suspension Kit Includes:
  • Left & Right Metric Stock Spindles
  • GM 1979-Up Metric Rotors
  • Seal & Dust Caps
  • Wheel Outer Bearing Cups & Cones
  • Wheel Inner Tapered Bearings
  • Left & Right Metric Lower Control Arms
  • Metric Upper Ball Joints
  • Jet modified 3/4" Jack Bolts & Mounts
  • Two 5" Tru-Coil Front Springs
  • 1971-76 GM lower Ball Joints

916-76075 Jet Phantom Rear Suspension Kit Includes:
  • GN 60" Housing
  • Trailing Arm Urethane Bushings
  • Jet Modified 3/4" Jack Bolts & Mounts
  • Jet Phantom Trailing Arms
  • 5" Tru-Coil Rear Springs
  • GN 31 Spline Axles
  • GN Hardware
  • Brackets for 9" in metric
916-76080 Jet Phantom Steering Kit Includes:
  • GM Power Steering Box, 3/4"-30
  • U-joint, 3/4"-30 Weld-on
  • U-joint, 3/4"-36 Weld-on
  • 3/4" Solid Steering Shaft
  • Howe 2:1 Steering Quickner
  • Steering Shaft Heim, 3/4" RH
  • 3/4" RH Jam Nut
  • Hex Q/R Assembly, 3/4"
  • 15" Aluminum Steering Wheel
  • 1978-Up Drag Link
  • 1978-Up Metric Idler Arm
  • 1978 Metric Inner Tie Rod Ends
  • 1978 Metric Tie Rod Sleeves
  • 1978 Metric Outer Tie Rod Ends

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1 answers

Are these chassis still available and what the wait time

Roanoke Rapids
July 04, 2016

Are these chassis still available and what the wait time


July 05, 2016
We apologize, these chassis' were discontinued in 2008 and are no longer available.
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