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Inboard Sprint Car Brake Kit w/ Drilled .810 Inch Iron Rotors

Centerline of Holes:
Material Type:
Cast Iron
Sold in Quantity:
Spline OD:
Spline Count:
Spline Length:
Hardware Included:
Rotor Diameter:
Caliper Pistons:
Rotor Thickness:
Caliper Finish:
Rotor Construction:
Rotor Hat Bolt Pattern:
8 x 7.00"
Garage Sale:
Rotor Location:
Rear Inboard
Rotor Shape:
Includes rotor, caliper, inboard clamp, pads, and bolts.
Inboard Sprint Car Brake Kit w/ Drilled .810 Inch Iron Rotors

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Get the hot new Wilwood NDL caliper, 2 brake bads, axle clamp with bolts and Speedways solid mount, drilled 12.19" x .810" iron rotor.

Components available separately.

Item Details

w/drilled .810 iron rotors

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Sprint Left Front Brake Kit with Speedway Brake Rotor
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                        We put together this left front brake kit for the racer looking for the best quality while keeping cost down. Included is a Wilwood Dynalite caliper with 3.25" mounts, 2 brake pads, a 10.875" aluminum Speedway brake rotor and mounting bolts. 

Components also available separately.

Wilwood Sprint Right Rear Brake Kit
(Part #91031970)
                        With this kit you get a Wilwood Dynalite caliper with 3.25" mounts, 2 brake pads, a 10.3", .312" thick aluminum splined Wilwood rotor.

Components also available separately.

Wilwood's 3.00" x 42 splined axle mount rotors are manufactured from the same high strength billets with the same precision as the 3 hole mount front rotors. Full symmetrical machining provides perfect balance, perfect flatness and the truest rotation of any aluminum rotor being built. Wilwood's engineered drill and relief slot pattern combines the highest degree of weight reduction with the highest resistance to thermal distortion in the contact faces. You get smooth engagement and a consistent full pedal from the low kick-back characteristics of this design. A durable black anodized finish prevents corrosion and simplifies the visual inspection of the contact faces.

Wilwood’s Billet Dynalite Single utilizes close tolerance design and manufacturing techniques which results in the most rigid, lightweight and attractive caliper in the evolution of the Dynalite Single Series. Starting at 1.58 pounds, the Billet Dynalite Single is perfect for compact high performance braking as required in Open Wheel, Drag, Modified, Kart, Motorcycle and Off Road applications.

The two piston caliper is rigid, lightweight and holds a .49” thick, 1.1 cubic inch brake pad. Internal fluid passage and multiple bleed fittings permit right or left, front or rear mounting options with either 3.25” or 3.75” lug spacing, and will fit .25” to .38” thick rotors with diameters from 6.00” to 13.00”. High temperature square piston seals control piston retraction while the stainless steel deep cup pistons reduce heat transfer from the pad to the brake fluid. Calipers accept 1/8-27 NPT inlet fitting and come standard with the exclusive re-usable pad retainer clip.  

The Billet Dynalite Single comes standard with black anodized coating. The machining versatility of CNC equipment sculpts a part that enhances wheel and suspension detail while maintaining the close tolerance design attributes of the Dynalite Single Series.  

The pistons incorporate a stainless steel shield and coated aluminum shell configuration to provide a highly efficient thermal barrier between the brake pads and the caliper body, seals, and fluid. Lower operating temperatures eliminate seal crystallization and localized fluid boiling while providing longer caliper service life through decreased distortion in the caliper body and piston bores.  
Wilwood 140-11773 Stainless Left Front Rotor Kit
(Part #83510798)

Wilwood’s GP320 Sprint Left Front Brake kit offers increased braking torque and thermal performance of the GP320 4 piston calipers. A definitive increase in braking and durability over traditional aluminum or steel rotor systems. Mounts are included for standard Sprint spindle to match the included 10.50 x 0.19” Super Alloy rotor. Also includes Composition Metallic brake pads, lightweight aluminum dynamic mount 3-pin rotor adapter and T-nut hardware kit.

Instructions (PDF)

Inboard Brake Pad Shims for Ultra Lite/Red Devil Caliper
(Part #9105657)

These inboard brake pad shims will allow you to achieve accurate spacing between your caliper and the brake pad. They are made of steel and feature a special silenced coating to eliminate any noise problems.

  • Place plates between the caliper piston and the pad
  • Allows the piston to stay more firmly seated while using the remainder of the pad surface
  • Fits Ultra Lite/Red Devil calipers
  • Choose .063" or .120" thickness