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IMCA Approved Pinto-Mustang II Spindles

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10 degree
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IMCA Approved Pinto-Mustang II Spindles
IMCA Approved Pinto-Mustang II Spindles
IMCA Approved Pinto-Mustang II Spindles

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Brand NEW, heat-treated forged Mustang II steel spindle that retains the exact OEM geometry of the 74-78 Mustang II or 74-80 Pinto spindle. This is the ONLY aftermarket spindle allowed by IMCA. Work great with our 10" HD Hybrid Rotors as well as with stock rotors, bearings, calipers, ect. Stock 7 5/8" height.  Easy to install.


  • From lower ball joint hole to steering hole is 5"
  • For the ball joint holes: Inside measurement is 5-7/8" and outside is 7-5/8"
  • Stock 10 deg pin inclination

You may also be interested in:

Adjustable Tie-Rod Adapter Stud to Heim
(Part #91636055)

This little adjustable tie rod adapter stud allows you to use 5/8" heim rod ends instead of OEM tie rods. It also allows you to adjust steering geometry to minimize or eliminate bump steer.

Made of 4140 chromoly steel and zinc coated. Includes jam nuts. Choose from GM (10 degree taper) or Pinto (7 degree taper). IMCA approved.

Hybrid Brake Rotor Conversion Kit
(Part #91031994)

This kit is for you guys already running Pinto spindles but want to swap out your heavy Granada rotors for the lighter Hybrids. Re-use your metric calipers. 5 x 5" bolt pattern.

  • Two new IMCA approved 10" hybrid rotors
  • Left hand and right hand hybrid caliper brackets
  • Hardware
  • Four new wheel bearings
  • Two seals
  • Two new dust caps

This brake kit is designed for dirt circle track applications only. It is not to be used for asphalt, pavement, or drag racing applications.

Bump Steer Spacer for Pinto Spindle
(Part #91636057)

If you run Pinto spindles on the front of your modified you cannot overlook the importance of correcting the bump steer geometry. Our steel spacers measure 2” tall with a 5/8” hole and provide the optimum fix for most modifieds.

For those of you who may see a little contact on the track, this steel spacer is a stronger option to the adjustable tie rod adapter.

Pinto/Mustang II Spindle Saver
(Part #91034500)
                        IMCA  approved for Pinto/Mustang II spindles. They reinforce the steering arm portion  of the spindle. Easy to install, bolts to lower ball joint. May require to  clearance spindle for proper fit
DRP Performance 007 10531 Pinto Spindle Pre-Load Bearing Spacers
(Part #91031032)
  • Designed to fit all Pinto spindle and hub combinations
  • Allows your front hubs to be tight with minimal drag and side pre-load
  • Easy adjust threaded sleeve and set screw ensure you'll never worry about an over-tightened front hub again
  • Sold each
Instructions (PDF)
Pinto-Mustang II Spindle Nut & Washer Kit
(Part #910615074)
                        Complete kit for 2 spindles; nuts, washers, cotter pins.  For 1974-80 Pinto, Bobcat and Mustang II. Thread size of nut: 13/16"-20
Speedway Left Front Caliper Bracket, For 10 Inch Hybrid Rotor
(Part #91641012-L)
                        Use with Pinto spindle, 10" hybrid rotor and GM 1978-up "Metric" caliper. Available for left or right side.