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Heavy Duty Rear 4-Link Kit

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Heavy Duty Rear 4-Link Kit

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What's in the Box

This heavy duty adjustable rear four-link kit is just the ticket for heavy or serious horsepower applications. Includes frame brackets, rear axle brackets, upper and lower shock brackets, 3/4” rod ends, jam nuts and 14” threaded 1” o.d. tubes, bolts and washers.


Four bar rear suspensions will require the use of a panhard bar or watts type component to control side to side movement.


  • Axle Bracket Height:  11-5/8"
  • Axle Bracket Width:  4-1/8"
  • Axle Bracket Thickness:  .172"
  • Frame Bracket Height:  11-5/8"
  • Frame Bracket Width:  4-3/4" max
  • Frame Bracket Thickness:  .172"
  • Max Assembled Length, Bracket-to-Bracket:  24"

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Watts Link
(Part #91649023)
                        Gives you better control than a Panhard Bar. Perfect for coil spring or coil-over rear suspension. For chassis widths of 46" or less. Threaded approximately 2 “ on each end. 

Kit includes:

  • mounting brackets
  • rod (19" threaded for 1/2" rod ends)
  • jam nuts
  • all required hardware

Watts Link Illustration

Universal Rear Sway Bar Kit
(Part #91649019)

Universal rear sway bar fits frame up to 45" wide, which makes it ideal for many 1928-1948 street rod applications. Both the 1-1/4" diameter shaft and the 2" O.D. weld-in frame tube can be shortened for narrower frames. The billet aluminum arms are not splined - they are held on by drilling the shaft and inserting a bolt all the way through the end of the shaft.

Includes bushings, 3/8" adjustable rod ends and all hardware. Welding required.

Panhard Bar Rear Weld-on Kits
(Part #91649022)

Use on almost any street rod. Required for coil spring and coil-over rear suspensions. Complete kit includes rod, brackets and 5/8" hardware. Ready to install. 25.5" long.

916-49022 Instructions (PDF)

Plain Steel Bolt-On Rear Panhard Bar, For Ford 8 & 9 Inch Axle
(Part #91049800-RAW)

This Mr. Roadstar Rear Panhard Bar is used to control the side-to-side movement of the rear axle. This is necessary when using a parallel 4-bar or hairpin radius rod rear suspension. The bar is threaded on one end for length adjustment and is welded on opposite end. This will require one end to be unbolted to allow for the length adjustment. Available in plain finish or polished Stainless Steel.

Kit includes:

  • Axle Bracket (for 8" or 9" Ford)
  • Bar with Urethane bushed Stainless adjuster - 20" eye-to-eye
  • Frame Bracket

910-49800 Instructions (PDF)