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Fel-Pro Gaskets 2802 Small Block Chevy Performance Gasket Set

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Fel-Pro Gaskets 2802 Small Block Chevy Performance Gasket Set
Fel-Pro Gaskets 2802 Small Block Chevy Performance Gasket Set

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This item is sold as a set.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Fel Pro Performance V8 gasket set for 1955-79 S/B Chevy with left hand dipstick. Fits 283, 302, 307, 327, and 350 with stock or small intake and exhaust ports (excluding most aluminum blocks).

  • #1003 Head Gaskets
    • pre-flattened steel wire ring
    • 4.166" gasket bore
    • 0.041" nominal compression thickness
    • 9.1 cc compressed volume
  • Intake Gaskets
    • 1.23" x 1.99"  port size
    • .060" thickness
  • Header Gaskets have 1.38" x 1.38" ports

Item Details

1955-79 S/B Chevy with Left Hand Dipstick

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Kit includes:

  • timing cover gasket & front seal
  • fuel pump gasket and fuel pump adaptor plate gaskets
  • water pump gaskets
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SuperSeal Small Block Chevy Overhaul Gasket Set, 350 Chevy '67 -'85
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  • Suitable for engines up to 600 h.p. 
  • Intake Gasket: 1205 style, 1.28" x 2.09"
Gasket Set Includes:
  • Valve Cover
  • Timing Cover
  • Head Gasket
  • Intake Gasket
  • Oil Pan Gaskets
  • Front Seal
  • Rear Seal
  • Water Pump
  • Distributor
  • Fuel Pump
  • Fuel Pump Block