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Edelbrock 2215 LS1 Performer RPM Hydraulic Roller Cam, 1500-6500 RPM

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Edelbrock 2215 LS1 Performer RPM Hydraulic Roller Cam, 1500-6500 RPMEdelbrock 2215 LS1 Performer RPM Hydraulic Roller Cam, 1500-6500 RPMEdelbrock 2215 LS1 Performer RPM Hydraulic Roller Cam, 1500-6500 RPM
Edelbrock 2215 LS1 Performer RPM Hydraulic Roller Cam, 1500-6500 RPM

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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Edelbrock LS1 camshaft for 1997 and up Corvettes and 1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird LS1/LS6 based engines. This cam features more aggressive profiles than conventional cams without excessive valve overlap. Intended for use with OEM or Edelbrock hydraulic roller tappets. Dyno testing has resulted in 25HP gain over stock!

Note: This camshaft is designed to be used in engine swap applications using a CARBURETOR ONLY. It is not intended to be used in factory EFI-equipped LS1 vehicles.

325-2215 Instructions (PDF)


  • For 1997 and up Corvette
  • 1998-2002 Camaro/Firebird
  • LS1/LS6 based engines


Duration at 0.006" Lift -

  • Intake: 300°
  • Exhaust: 300°

Duration at 0.050" Lift -

  • Intake: 220°
  • Exhaust: 224°

Lift at Cam -

  • Intake: 0.300"
  • Exhaust: 0.300"

Lift at Valve -

  • Intake: 0.510"
  • Exhaust: 0.510"

Timing at 0.050" lift -

  • Open intake: 2° BTDC
  • Closed intake: 38° ABDC
  • Open exhaust: 44° BBDC
  • Closed exhaust: 4° BTDC

Centerlines -

  • Lobe separation 111°
  • Intake centerline 108°

RPM range: 1500-6500

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This powerful new manifold is designed for the popular Chevrolet LS1 (5.7L) small-block V8 originally used in 1997 and later Corvettes and 1998-02 Camaros and Firebirds. It also fits the Corvette LS6 engine and any other Gen III engine including the LM7 (5.3L), LR4 (4.8L), and LQ4 (6.0L). It allows the use of a carburetor on these originally computer-controlled engines, offering maximum power and a broad torque curve from 1500 to 6500 rpm. This manifold made 410 hp and 418 ft/lbs. of torque in dyno tests. The Performer RPM LS1 includes a wiring harness and unique electronic Timing Control Module made by MSD® which works with OE sensors to fire the coil-on-plug ignition system and offers a choice of six timing curves. A special throttle and trans bracket that works with 700R-4, 200R-4 and Turbo 350 transmissions is included, making the LS1 engine an easy retro-fit into any muscle car, street rod or marine application. 

325-7118 Instructions (PDF)

Hooker Headers 12622HKR LS Swap Engine Mount Adapter, 3 Inch Forward
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  • Constructed of sturdy 3/8” thick hot rolled steel
  • Designed for lightweight, rigidity and a clean appearance
  • Precision machined for perfect alignment
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916-18018 Instructions (PDF)