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Cloyes Gear C3023X S/B Chevy Double Roller Timing Chain

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Cloyes Gear C3023X S/B Chevy Double Roller Timing Chain

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What's in the Box

These heavy duty double-roller timing chain sets for S/B Chevy V8s feature .200" diameter rollers, cast iron cam sprockets and high-quality, heat-treated steel crank sprockets with triple keyways.

Item Details

V8 1955-84
90° V6 1978-89

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Tru-Gear Small Block Chevy Gear Drive
(Part #4533271C)

Replace your timing chain with a Speedway Tru-Gear gear drive. Unlike timing chains, a gear drive doesn't stretch, so your cam timing stays more accurate. We builds these drives with dual idler gears, making them more stable than single idler gear drives. A Tru Gear gear drive is as easy to install as a timing chain and will fit under your stock timing chain cover.

  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with all standard camshafts
  • SAE 660 silicon bronze rear thrust ring included
  • Rugged Cr40 alloy steel gears assure prolonged trouble-free operation
  • Axial needle and cage forward thrust bearings reduce friction
  • Designed for precise multiple cam timing adjustments
  • Absolutely no adverse wear to camshaft or valvetrain components
  • Dyno tests prove no horsepower loss compared to a chain

For use on Chevrolet Small Block engines 1957–1995 262-400 c.i. all without “FACTORY” hydraulic roller camshaft.

Small Block Chevy Gear Drive Installation Instructions (PDF)

Small Block Chevy Tru-Cam Correct
(Part #91599004)
                        Speedway's Tru Cam Correct is a must for all small block Chevys using a timing chain. Revolutionary tensioner gives cam timing accuracy of a gear drive, especially in motors that have been line bored. Accurate cam timing will give you more power, quicker acceleration, and better mileage. 

Includes instructions and drill fixture.

Small Block Chevy Cam Correct Installation Instructions (pdf)

Cloyes Gear 9-3100 Small Block Chevy True Roller Timing Chain
(Part #28093100)

Cloyes True Rollers are the original, all-out race proven double roller timing chain sets. Cam sprockets are balanced and made from heat treated 30,000 PSI tensile cast iron, or SAE D7003 ductile iron. Sets have multi-keyway crank sprockets.

  • Ductile Iron or Induction Hardened Cast Iron Cam Sprocket
  • Cloyes Premium True Roller Chain with .250 Diameter Rollers
  • SAE 1144 Billet Steel, Induction Hardened Crank Sprocket with 3 keyways, +/- 4 Degrees
  • All sets are “Hand Matched” to ensure true center distance

Fits 1955-1984 265-400 Chevy small block V8.

Camshaft Lockplate and Bolt Kit
(Part #450200LP)

Camshaft lock plate with three grade 8 cam bolts.  V8 and V6 Chevy.

Bolts are 5/16-18 X 7/8 USS Course Grade 8

Small Block Chevy Aluminum Cam Button
(Part #91599001)
                        Limits lateral movement of camshaft ("cam walk"). Solid aluminum construction. Fits Small Block Chevy 262-400 c.i. and 90° V6.
Elgin EPL-4 Assembly Lube, 4 Oz.
(Part #9154040)

Eliminates galling, metal transfer and oil starvation during initial break-in. Adheres to metal surfaces, will not drain off. Apply to bearings, gears, crankshafts, cam lobes, valve stems, lifters and all mating parts with close tolerances.

For gas, alcohol and nitro engines.

Learn why using assembly lube is so important in our tech article, Installing New Hardware.