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Winters Grand National Rear Ends

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Winters Grand National Rear Ends
Winters Grand National Rear Ends
Winters Grand National Rear Ends

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Winters full floating Ford 9 inch Grand National rearend features lite weight steel hubs with brake rotor mounts. This Grand National rear end assembly comes complete with a new housing, two hubs, two brake rotors, two solid 31 spline axles, two drive flanges, ten lug nuts, rotor and drive flange bolts along with all the needed bearings and seals.

Now available in either a 5 x 5" or 5 x 4-3/4" bolt pattern and three different widths:

  • 58" centered
  • 60" centered
  • 62" with a 1/2" offset.



  • Axle lengths for the 60" Winters GN 9" rear end are 28.5" and 32.5"

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Not worth the money

July 17, 2012
Very poor welds, fill level too low, drain low enough to catch and get bent. Every part is proudly stamped made in china... save yourself the money and just buy the cheaper speedway floater.
No, I would not recommend this product.
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Product Q&A

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1 answers

where do i measure for overall width? my camaro is a leaf spring dirt track car. im pretty sure it has a grand national in it now. with the rotor hats on it measures 65 inches, im pretty sure its a 62 inch just want to make sure im measuring right. Thank you

May 29, 2014

where do i measure for overall width? my camaro is a leaf spring dirt track car. im pretty sure it has a grand national in it now. with the rotor hats on it measures 65 inches, im pretty sure its a 62 inch just want to make sure im measuring right. Thank you


May 30, 2014
the width is measured from hub to hub, or you can think of it as wheel mount surface to wheel mount surface.
1 answers

what inner axle seal will work in this rearend

November 19, 2012

what inner axle seal will work in this rearend


November 20, 2012
We offer inner axle seal part #9190970 for the Winters Grand National rears
1 answers

What brake caliper and differential is recommended for Hot Rod use?

Oregon City, Or
February 16, 2012

What brake caliper and differential is recommended for Hot Rod use?


February 20, 2012
Part number 80295345 There are several options for brakes on this axle housing. The most common is bracket number 91641006 for the early GM calipers or 91641010 for the later GM Metric calipers. This allows simple clamp on for precise alignment of the caliper to the rotor and once installed run a couple 3/8 to ½” weld beads to secure in place in a location where they can easily be cut free with a cutoff wheel. There are several other options for fully welded on brackets if desired. For circle track use we have a third member with mini spool under number 91048341 or full spool under 91048343. If for street use the street third member with Currie posi under number 91048345 is suggested. All third members require the appropriate amount of gear lube and gasket style of choice.
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Ford 9 Inch Third Member Assembly, Full Spool, 31-Spline
(Part #91048343)
  • Professionally assembled for oval track racing only
  • Includes Pro Gears ring & pinion
  • Your choice of gear ratio, 3.50:1 to 7.33:1
  • Includes 3-5/8" stock Ford yoke
  • Viton high heat pinion seal
  • Solid pinion bearing spacer with shims
  • Plastic storage case

910-48343 Instructions (PDF)

Third members are made to order. Please allow 24-48 hours for order to ship.

Order applicable spool:

  • STD = Standard
  • LITE = Lightweight
  • MEGA = Megalite

Available options include machining of the yoke to accept Chevy/GM U-joint (add 91048339) and lightening of the ring gear to remove weight (add 91600013; 5.37:1, 6.66:1, 6.83:1, 7.00:1 ratios are already lightened).

DRP Performance 10518 Grand National Rear Hub Bearing Spacer
(Part #91010518)

These hub bearing spacers allow for consistent and precise bearing load every time the spindle nut is tightened, regardless of the torque applied. Without a bearing spacer, bearings are typically over tightened to prevent loosening during the race. With a bearing spacer installed, you can completely tighten the spindle nut and the hub will spin free every time. Bearing spacers save time, reduce bearing temperature and greatly increase wheel free spin, putting more horsepower to the wheels. You can feel the difference by simply pushing the car!

Testing has shown that the bearing spacer will make more difference than any “Low Drag” bearing set up currently available. When the spacer is used in conjunction with “Low Drag” Tapered bearings and seals, you will have the ultimate Low Drag set-up. These adjustable bearings feature a threaded sleeve and set screw to ensure you'll never have to worry about an over-tightened hub again!

  • 2.5” Short Track 5×5 Rear
  • Adjustable
  • 200%-300% more free spin vs. no spacer
  • Designed to fit all Grand National spindle and hub combinations
  • Makes servicing hubs simple & quick
  • Bearings run cooler
  • Saves time
  • Eliminates bearing “Spin” on spindle
  • Distributes side load evenly across bearings
  • Works on tapered and angular contact bearings
  • Once Set, typically never has to be adjusted unless bearings or hub is replaced
  • Instructions Included
  • Precision Machined in the USA
  • +/- .001” Minimum Parallelism
  • Sold each
Speedway 9 Inch Ford Pumpkin Gasket
(Part #9192300)
                        Our reuseable rear differential gaskets have a steel core and non-stick coating. Fits 9" Ford rear axle third member housings.
Lubrication Engineers SAE 90 Weight Gear Oil, 1 Gallon
(Part #91044090)
                        Whether you're running a stock flattie and rearend or hopped-up overhead and quick change, you need to run a good gear lube. Remember that your rearend was designed fifty plus years ago and needs all the help it can get. 

The biggest improvement you can give it is a lubricant that will allow the gears to survive the highway speeds that cars see today. L.E. gear oil is what we use in our 350 mph streamliner, that uses a V-8 quick change, without failure. The "red stuff" provides superior lubrication for long gear life. You can't win if you don't finish. We suggest 90 weight for the street and 140 weight for extreme uses.

  • Formulated using blends of high quality paraffinic and synthetic base fluids
  • Contains a highly shear stable tackiness
  • Unique blend of base fluids and thermally stable EP additives
  • Separates readily from water
  • Contains non-silicone defoaming additives
  • Contains no solids
  • Contains DUOLEC LE's proprietary dual acting liquid wear-reducing and extreme pressure additive
LE Gear Oil Performance Data Sheet (PDF)

LE Gear Oil Safety Data Sheet  (PDF)

Seals-It EAS1-05 Universal Inner Axle Seal for 2.5-2.75 Inch Tube
(Part #9190970)
                        One size fits all! Fits any inner axle tube with an I.D. between 2-1/2" and 2-3/4". This eliminates ordering the wrong seal and allows you to always have the correct seal on hand. Typical applications* include Ford 9”, Quick change type rears, and 12 bolt GM. All seals are supplied with general installation guidelines. 
  • Inner Axle Seal I.D. = 7/8"
  • Axle sizes/Splines:  1-3/16” thru 1-1/2” / 28-31


* Applications are reference only. Seals may be used on any rear end that is within the part number’s dimensional range. Rears can vary within a single model year and within the same model. Measure listed parameters before ordering.