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Winters Performance 2255C-9120 Grand National Hub Kit, 5 on 5 Inch

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5 on 5"
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Winters Performance 2255C-9120 Grand National Hub Kit, 5 on 5 Inch
Winters Performance 2255C-9120 Grand National Hub Kit, 5 on 5 Inch
Winters Performance 2255C-9120 Grand National Hub Kit, 5 on 5 Inch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

This complete Grand National hub kit from Winters has a 5 on 5" bolt pattern and is made from cast 4140 heat treated steel to ensure that it holds up on your car. This hub kit fits 2-1/2" Grand National spindles and includes all needed hardware.

  • Investment cast 4140 heat treated steel
  • 24 spline steel drive flange
  • Includes bearings, races (installed), hub seal, o-rings, cap and screws, lug nuts and studs
  • 5 on 5" bolt pattern
  • Fits 2-1/2” Grand National axle tube end
  • Hub retaining nut not included
  • MFG. Part #2255C-9120
  • Brake Rotor Bolt Pattern: 8 x 7"
  • Wheel Stud Thread Pitch: 5/8"-11
  • Hardware Included

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Winters 2-1/2 Inch Grand National Angler Contact Bearing
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                        Replaces the 2-1/2" GN bearing standard hubs used on many modifieds.  Less friction equals more speed.  No machine work required. Work great for those in limited horsepower classes who want to capitalize on every advantage they can get!
Seals-It EAS1-05 Universal Inner Axle Seal for 2.5-2.75 Inch Tube
(Part #9190970)
                        One size fits all! Fits any inner axle tube with an I.D. between 2-1/2" and 2-3/4". This eliminates ordering the wrong seal and allows you to always have the correct seal on hand. Typical applications* include Ford 9”, Quick change type rears, and 12 bolt GM. All seals are supplied with general installation guidelines. 
  • Inner Axle Seal I.D. = 7/8"
  • Axle sizes/Splines:  1-3/16” thru 1-1/2” / 28-31


* Applications are reference only. Seals may be used on any rear end that is within the part number’s dimensional range. Rears can vary within a single model year and within the same model. Measure listed parameters before ordering.

Wilwood 160-5863 Ultralite 32 Vane Drilled Vented Iron Rotor, 11.75 In
(Part #8351605863)

When it comes to brake rotors, racers are constantly searching for the ultimate balance between the lowest weight and the ability to effectively manage heat. Decreased rotating weight in the drive line provides quicker deceleration under braking and quicker acceleration out of the corners. Lower weight also benefits handling with improved spring and shock control over the unsprung suspension mass. Wilwood's ULD-32 drilled iron rotors provides effective lightweight options for sprints, late models, modifieds, and other competition applications that race in low to medium temperature ranges.

  • Cast from premium grade, long grain carbon iron
  • Close tolerances on face and vane thickness
  • 32 straight vane casting provides superior heat management and long service life
  • Two row, 64 hole pattern - alternates between and directly over each vane
  • Each hole deeply chamfered to eliminate stress points
  • Rotating and unsprung rotor mass reduced by 12%
  • Left or right hand mounting locations


Speedway Cast Iron Scalloped Brake Rotor, 11.75 x .810 Inch
(Part #94031065)

Speedway's premium 32 Vane scalloped cast iron brake rotors weigh only 5.58 lbs.

  • Vented iron 
  • Bolt Circle: 8 x 7"
  • Threads:  Thru
  • Face: scalloped
Speedway Cast Iron Drilled Scalloped Brake Rotor - 11.75 x 1.25
(Part #94031066)
                        Speedway's premium 11.75" x 1.25" drilled & scalloped vented cast iron brake rotors weigh only 6.13 lbs.
Speedway Cast Iron Drilled Scalloped Brake Rotor, 11.75 x .810 Inch
(Part #94031068)

These scalloped iron brake rotors provide effective lightweight options for sprints, late models, modifieds, and other competition applications that race in low to medium temperature ranges. Steel rotors are typically found in lighter weight open wheel cars such as sprints and modifieds.  Speedway's premium 11.75" x .810" drilled scalloped brake rotor weighs only 5.07 lbs.

  • Scallop configuration provides greatest weight reduction on a vented straight vane iron rotor
  • Scallop machining removes as much as three pounds, or nearly 33% of the rotor mass
  • Vented castings provide increased cooling capacity over machined steel plate rotors
  • Improved structural durability over drilled rotor designs
  • Vented iron 
  • Inboard mounted (Sprints)

Note: Suitable for Light Dirt Racing applications. Scalloped Rotors are unsafe for street use.


Low Drag Angular Contact Grand National Bearing - Ceramic Ball Bearing
(Part #9127301AC)
                        For a 9" Ford Grand National Hub off road/circle track application.
AFCO 9850-6121 Straight Vane Brake Rotor, Drilled, 11.75 x .81 Inch
(Part #10698506121)

AFCO's disc brake rotors set the pace for design, quality and performance. Special designed materials, enhanced computer imagery and design, as well as extensive lab and track testing have yielded a superior brake rotor. All AFCO rotors have been optimized for strength, weight, and heat dissipation ability to meet the demands of the serious racer.

  • Premium grade alloys for superb thermal shock stability
  • Machined and blanchard ground to assure precise flatness
  • Precise vane placement for high volume cooling

Instructions (PDF)

DRP Performance 10518 Grand National Rear Hub Bearing Spacer
(Part #91010518)

These hub bearing spacers allow for consistent and precise bearing load every time the spindle nut is tightened, regardless of the torque applied. Without a bearing spacer, bearings are typically over tightened to prevent loosening during the race. With a bearing spacer installed, you can completely tighten the spindle nut and the hub will spin free every time. Bearing spacers save time, reduce bearing temperature and greatly increase wheel free spin, putting more horsepower to the wheels. You can feel the difference by simply pushing the car!

Testing has shown that the bearing spacer will make more difference than any “Low Drag” bearing set up currently available. When the spacer is used in conjunction with “Low Drag” Tapered bearings and seals, you will have the ultimate Low Drag set-up. These adjustable bearings feature a threaded sleeve and set screw to ensure you'll never have to worry about an over-tightened hub again!

  • 2.5” Short Track 5×5 Rear
  • Adjustable
  • 200%-300% more free spin vs. no spacer
  • Designed to fit all Grand National spindle and hub combinations
  • Makes servicing hubs simple & quick
  • Bearings run cooler
  • Saves time
  • Eliminates bearing “Spin” on spindle
  • Distributes side load evenly across bearings
  • Works on tapered and angular contact bearings
  • Once Set, typically never has to be adjusted unless bearings or hub is replaced
  • Instructions Included
  • Precision Machined in the USA
  • +/- .001” Minimum Parallelism
  • Sold each
Grand National Hub Spanner Nuts, -12 Right Hand Thread
(Part #912HN-12-R)

GN replacement spanner nuts.

Note:  -12 thread size is correct for standard Grand National 9" Ford thread

Size 11 are garage sale!





Grand National Rear Hub Kit, 5 x 5 Wheel Bolt Pattern
(Part #91048400)
                        Grand National rear hub kit available with 5 on 4-3/4" or 5 on 5" wheel bolt patterns.