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Winters Performance 6661-07 7075 Premium Torque Tube

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Winters Performance 6661-07 7075 Premium Torque Tube

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What's in the Box

Made of superior strength 7075 aluminum, this torque tube is for you guys making real power. 

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Simpson 31023BK 3 Inch Torque Tube Restraining Strap
(Part #63031024)

Simpson Racing is all about Racers Safety, Sometimes a torque tube hoop does not justify so use this torque tube restraining strap.


  • For 3" torque tube.


Winters Performance 6661-02 Standard Weight Torque Tube
(Part #8026661)
                        This Winters Aluminum Torque Tube features an aluminum collar and 3" diameter tube. Assembly is 28" in length from mount face to the end of the tube. Must be cut to desired length.  
Winters Performance 4605 Torque Assembly with Seal
(Part #8024605)
                        This assembly has a thick steel housing with a boot to keep the dirt out.  
Winters Performance 4609 Sealed Torque Ball with Steel Housing
(Part #8024609)

This Winters sealed torque ball weighs 4 lbs. 12 oz. It features steel firewall housing, hydroformed aluminum torque ball, forged aluminum retainer and a rubber torque ball boot to keep the dirt out. 


Butlerbuilt Torque Tube Pad
(Part #2024810)

Protect your ankles in violent crashes by wrapping your torque tube with this flame retardant pad.  Installs and removes in seconds and is intended to work with existing torque blankets and scatter guards.

Crow 11644 Torque Tube Strap for Sprint and Midget Racing
(Part #91011644)
                        These torque tube straps are designed for use with Sprint and Midget race cars. They fit 3" torque tubes and are intended for use on multiple styles of drivelines.
  • Fits 3" torque tubes, works on all drivelines
  • Black only