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Wilwood 260-7563 Tandem Master Cylinder w/ Remote Reservoirs, 1 Inch

Centerline of Holes:
Material Type:
Overall Width:
Sold in Quantity:
Outlet Size:
15mm x 1.00
Thread Pitch:
Mounted Length:
Bore Size:
Inlet Fitting:
3/8" Hose
Outlet Fitting:
MFG. Part #:
Garage Sale:
Reservoir Type:
Flange to End :
Outlet Size 2:
15mm x 1.00
Outlet Fit :
3/8-24 IF Female
Outlet Fit 2:
3/8-24 IF Female
Wilwood 260-7563 Tandem Master Cylinder w/ Remote Reservoirs, 1 Inch
Wilwood 260-7563 Tandem Master Cylinder w/ Remote Reservoirs, 1 Inch
Wilwood 260-7563 Tandem Master Cylinder w/ Remote Reservoirs, 1 Inch

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Tandem remote master cylinders provide one of the safest ways to actuate four wheel or dual caliper axle brake systems. This versatile, lightweight and easily adapted master cylinder provides single pushrod activation of two separate brake fluid circuits. By completely isolating the fluid reservoirs and circuits, the front and rear brakes are able to operate independently of each other and provide a safety net should any one side of the system become inoperable. Shipped complete with the master cylinder and all necessary hardware including 30 inches of hose that can be cut to the desired length for remote mounting of the two 4 ounce fluid reservoirs. 

  • Can be bolted directly to Wilwood single mount pedals
  • 50/50 front/rear brake output from a 1.00" bore with 1.10" stroke
  • Great match for Wilwood's Bolt-On-Disc Brake Kit systems configured from OE components
  • Reservoirs can be either remote or master cylinder mounted

Tandem Remote Fill Master Cylinder Installation Instructions (PDF)

Learn more about selecting the proper master cylinder for your vehicle by reading our tech article. Brake System Selection



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Master Cylinder Return Spring Kit
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5/16 Inch Threaded Brake Pedal Clevis
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This universal clevis will work for many potential uses, including connecting a master cylinder or booster pushrod to your brake pedal arm. Overall length is 2”, and it’s tapped for 5/16”-24 thread. Comes with a 3/8" diameter clevis pin and cotter key.

  • Brake pedal clevis
  • Steel
  • 5/16"-24
  • Pin and cotter key included
Wilwood 340-1290 Swing Mount Clutch/Brake Pedal, Single M/C, 7:1
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This pedal is often used as a clutch pedal with a single outlet master cylinder, or as a brake pedal in conjunction with dual outlet, tandem master cylinders on four wheel brake equipped vehicles. The pedal features all aluminum frame and arm construction with steel pivots, mounting studs, and an anti-skid pedal pad.

Swing mount has a 7.00 to 1 pedal ratio.

Pedal Dimensions (Link)

Detailed Schematic of Pedal 

835-3401290 Instructions (PDF) 


Wilwood 340-1289 Floor Mount Clutch/Brake Pedal, Single M/C, 6:1
(Part #8353401289)
                        This pedal can be used for either a hydraulic clutch release or brake master cylinder when used with Wilwood's tandem feed master cylinder and adapter kit. 
  • 6:1 pedal ratio
  • All aluminum frame and arm with steel pivots
  • Anti-skid pedal pad
  • Mounting flange is a vertical pattern on a 2-1/4" on center

835-3401289 Dimensions (Link)

Brake Pedal and Blanace Bar Instruction Guide (PDF) 

Dual Outlet Master Cylinder Stainless Steel Dual Brake Line Kit
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This is a pair of steel or stainless steel brake lines intended to simplify plumbing from the master cylinder to a proportioning block, such as our 910-31358 or 835-26011179.

  • Features tight 90° bends at the master cylinder end
  • Both ends of both lines are 3/8"-24 inverted flare nuts
  • The longer of the two lines measures app. 12" from the bend to the end