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Wilwood 270-2189C Wide 5 Wheel Spacer, 2 Inch, Coarse Studs

Wilwood 270-2189C Wide 5 Wheel Spacer, 2 Inch, Coarse Studs
Wilwood 270-2189C Wide 5 Wheel Spacer, 2 Inch, Coarse Studs
Wilwood 270-2189C Wide 5 Wheel Spacer, 2 Inch, Coarse Studs

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Q & A

What's in the Box

Wilwood's unique 2" offset aluminum Wide 5 Wheel Spacer utilizes a radical triangulated design to achieve maximum strength and rigidity. This race proven wheel spacer is lighter than any other on the market. Available with coarse 5/8" studs, Wilwood's 4.1 pound spacer gives greater flexibility in chassis setup while keeping rotating weight to a minumum.

  • Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Aluminum alloy 2" spacer
  • 5/8" coarse quick-start studs

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Wilwood 270-6513D Starlite Wide Five Racing Hub, Rear
(Part #8352706513)

Starlite hubs remain as the oval track benchmark standard. Based on the traditional eight-bolt drive flange design, Starlite hubs demonstrate superior strength from perminant mold, high density aircraft aluminum. The close tolerance castings are precision machined to assure consistent fit, strength and durability. Over the years, this innovative hollow core design has been refined and is race proven. Wilwood's high volume, quality assured manufacturing capability has made it both racing tough and economical.

Starlite hubs are available in standard offset for use with Superlite, Dynalite and Narrow Mount Dynalite series fixed mount calipers. The GM offset is available for use with GM style floating mount calipers. A new offset configuration is also available to accommodate the thickness of dynamic rotor mounting plates. Fine threaded 5/8" studs are also an option on the Starlite series.

Click Here for Product Line Sheet (pdf)

Winters Ball Bearing Wide 5 Hub
(Part #8024045)

If you want the ultimate in wide 5 hubs, these are it!

These lightweight magnesium hubs reduce rolling resistance by using ball type bearings and oil instead of grease. They are stronger than ever and include drilled studs, seals, bearings, seals and drive flange.  Lug nuts are not included.

Brake rotor bolt pattern is the standard 8 bolt on 7".

Wehrs Machine WM1860625 Wide 5 Wheel Spacer Shim, 1/16 Inch
(Part #91060625)
                        Fine tune your track width to the max with these Wide 5 wheel spacer shims. Fits any Wide 5 aluminum hub.
Aluminum Wide 5 Wheel Spacers, 1 Inch, Set/5
(Part #91658310)
  • Made of strong, lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum
  • A must for all late model racers
  • Fits 5/8" coarse wheel studs
  • Threads on to insure that they will not accidentally come off during a wheel change
  • Large 1-3/4" outside diameter
  • Black anodized finish
  • For Wide 5 aluminum hub applications only
Double Sided Steel Lug Nut, 5/8 Inch RH Coarse Thread, Double Taper
(Part #91003915)

Use these oversized 1 Inch Hex Steel lug nuts in plane of those 'puny' stock size lug nuts.  Double-sided 45° seat design for quick and secure fastening.

You will need a 1" hex (6-sided) socket. 

5/8" Coarse Thread fits most racing wheels.

  • 45° taper
  • 5/8" RH Coarse Thread, Double Taper

What's The Angle
Most racing wheels have a 45° seat for the lug nut to seat in while most street wheels use 60°. By using 45° the lug nut is able to clamp tighter over a larger area, which helps keep your wheels on the car where they belong.

If you mix and match street and race wheels or lug nuts you are just asking for trouble. All our lug nuts are 45° and designed to be used with racing wheels.


Oversize Wheel Stud, 5/8 Inch x 4 Inch Coarse, Box of 5
(Part #91005960)

Replace those "puny" stock wheel studs with these "super-strength" oversized wheel studs.