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Wheeler Small Block Chevy 350 Sportsman Series Block


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Please NOTE the following about this product:

  • This product is discontinued.



Q & A

What's in the Box

Wheeler Power Products Sportsman Series machined blocks allow for greater horsepower and torque when compared to stock production machined blocks. This is achieved with superior machining processes and the addition of ARP main bolts.

  • Seasoned GM production Small Block Chevy 2-bolt blocks (converted to 4-bolt main)
  • All blocks are factory roller blocks
  • Assembled with a 2-piece rear main seal adapater for 2-piece crankshaft
  • Oven baked and shot peened to settle molecular structure
  • Hot tanked and magnafluxed for cracks
  • Clearanced for strokers*
  • Precision machined on 4-axis CNC equipment
  • Finish honed mains machined on Sunnen CH100 Line Hone
  • Finish honed cylinders with Sunnen CV 616 and torque plates with 820 Sunnen stones for moly rings
  • Brass freeze plugs and Durabond cam bearings installed
* Additional clearancing may be neccessary depending upon your rod and stroke combination.

Item Details

4.030" Bore (.030 Over)
9.005" Deck
RH (Passenger Side) Dipstick
350 Mains

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Dart 31131111 Little M Chevy Block, 4.00 Inch Bore

For those wanting the ultimate cast iron small Chevy block, Dart's Little M is your best bet. The Little M features extra thick stock deck heights, stock cam height, stock pan rails, 4 bolt steel main caps, and they are already clearanced for a 3.875" stroke. These blocks have the common 350 main journal diameter with a 4.00" bore size. Two-piece rear main seal.

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Dart 31161111 Special High Performance Chevy Block, 4.00 Inch Bore

Dart's Special High Performance (SHP) small-block meets the need for an affordable, precision-machined cast-iron block with superior features. Designed for high-performance and heavy-duty applications producing up to 600 horsepower, the SHP block is the ideal starting point for hot rodders, drag racers, circle track competitors, off-roaders, and high-performance marine enthusiasts. The SHP block as all the features needed without spending the big bucks and having to wait on your machine shop.

  • All new, precision machined
  • Cast from high nickel iron
  • Priority main oiling system
  • Siamese 4.000" bores
  • At 4.165" bore, .230" wall thickness
  • Clearance for 3.75" stroke w/ steel rods
  • Decks parallel within .002"
  • Made in USA
  • Blind head bolt holes
  • 350 main journals
  • Splayed 4-bolt center main caps
  • Two piece rear main seal
  • Accepts OEM roller rockers and cams
  • Uses 1981-85 oil pans & dipsticks
  • Accepts standard starters and bellhousings

Dart SHP Block Instructions (PDF)

Garage Sale - Wheeler S/B Chevy 305 Sportsman Series Block

Fully precision machined, oven baked and shot peened to settle molecular structure, magnafluxed, converted to four bolt mains, with finish honed mains and cylinders.

  • Works with flat tappet cams
  • 030” Over
  • 4-bolt main caps
These blocks are garage sale priced because they have been discontinued from our current product line.


Speedway Small Block Chevy Claimer Oil Pan, RH Dipstick

These claimer series oil pans are our best selling circle track pans. This low cost, high quality pan designed for the budget racer. Six quart capacity, 7-1/4" deep with two gates for oil flow control. Fits with stock or mini starter. Will not fit rear steer cars unless the engine has been moved back.

  • Vertical half moon notch in the rear near the drain plug is 1" from the rear corner, 1" wide and 5/8" deep. This notch is on the passenger side at rear.
  • Drain plug is on the passenger side, approximately 1" from the rear corner to center

Small Block Chevy Claimer Oil Pan Installation Instructions (PDF)

Super Seal Small Block Chevy Oil Pan Gaskets, Right Hand Side Dipstick

Small Block Chevy oil pan gaskets by Super Seal. 

  • Right Hand side ('80-'85) dipstick
  • For 2-piece rear main seal blocks
SuperSeal Small Block Chevy Oil Pan Gasket, 1980-1985 Blocks, One-Piece

Small Block Chevy oil pan gasket by SuperSeal. 

  • Right Hand side ('80-'85) dipstick
  • For 2-piece rear main seal blocks