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Weld-On 1978-88 GM Metric Caliper Bracket

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When welding this bracket to the housing, it must be welded square or parallel to the rotor face or it will bind/break the caliper and bracket.
Weld-On 1978-88 GM Metric Caliper Bracket

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What's in the Box

Mounts 1978-1988 GM front caliper to any 3" tube rear end using 11-3/4" diameter rotors. Fully machined steel with punched lightening holes. Measures approximately 5-1/2" between mounting holes.


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Weld-On 1978-88 GM Flat Mount Caliper Bracket
(Part #91641009)

These caliper brackets mount flat and must be welded onto your 3" diameter axle tube. Designed to mount a 1978-1988 GM metric car front caliper for use with an 11.75" diameter rotor. Brackets are 1/4" thick.


1978-UP GM Metric Clamp-On Caliper Bracket
(Part #91641011)
                        IMCA APPROVED 

Caliper bracket slides over 3" axle tube and clamps on. Must be tack welded to keep from rotating. 

1978 and up metric calipers measure approximately 5-1/2" between mounting holes.

Wilwood 160-0471 Ultralite 32 Vane Vented Iron Rotor, 11.75 x .810 In.
(Part #8351600471)

Every Wilwood brake rotor is cast from premium grade, long grain carbon iron. This material exhibits long wear, high thermal stability, and excellent resistance to distortion in high heat. Modern foundry and machining techniques hold close tolerances on face and vane thickness. Combining the correct face thickness with a 32 vane casting provides superior heat management and long service life with low rotating and unsprung weight. The straight vane design also makes it possible to use the same rotor on left or right hand mounting locations.

Ultralite Rotor Application Chart (GIF)

Speedway 1978-88 GM Metric Brake Pad Spacer
(Part #91041908)

Use Speedway brake pad spacers with .810" rotors and stock-style 1978-1988 GM calipers. Spaces brake pad out .242" from caliper piston.

Note: Spacer has an o/d of 2.05" and as such is specific to a piston with an inside diameter to match the 2.05" spec. Please check caliper piston application and dimensions when purchasing.

GM Caliper Slider Bolt
(Part #8352300542)
                        The overall length of these slide bolts is 4-3/8".  The underhead length is 3-3/8".  The thread on the bolts is 7/16-20 (US fine).